Elden Ring Nagakiba | How to Get

Hunting down a new weapon for your character in Elden Ring requires a lot of traveling and patience. Depending on where you’re at in the Lands Between, they could potentially move from one spot to another due to your actions in the game. Or more so, you simply lose track of your quests because of the many interactions you have throughout your journey. With these points in mind, here’s how you can find the Nagakiba katana.

How to Get the Nagakiba in Elden Ring

How to Get the Nagakiba in Elden Ring

The Nagakiba katana belongs to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, and you can get it just by killing him. However, this route is optional if you wish to help Yura in his journey that initially begins at his camp near the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace in Limgrave. You can slay him to obtain the Nagakiba, ultimately bringing his storyline to an end.

For many, progressing through the game could easily lead to losing track of who you need to talk to, where, and how. In Yura’s case, he could be in one of a few different locations that aren’t the Seaside Ruins. When you talk with Yura, he’ll warn you of the dragon in Agheel Lake, where his quest essentially commences.

Where to Find Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

If you choose not to kill him at his starting camp, he might be in one of these spots if you can’t find him:

  • Murkwater Cave: North of Agheel Lake in Limgrave, where the Flying Dragon Agheel is present. Murkwater Catacombs and Murkwater Coast Sites of Grace will be north of Murkwater Cave. Here, you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus, thus starting a fight with the Invader. Engage in battle, and Yura will eventually join to aid you in combat. Once Nerijus is defeated, you’ll receive their Reduvia dagger as a reward. Yura can now be found just a little further north of the cave under a different overpass near the Murkwater Coast.
  • Raya Lucaria Academy: Specifically, Yura’s summon sign can be found north of the Main Academy Site of Grace along the bridge. Summoning his sign will activate a fight with Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. Defeat this enemy to only return to the bridge where the sign was. Yura will be standing against a railing near his previously established sign.
  • Second Church of Marika: Found within the Atlus Plateau, north of the Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace. If you find Yura here, you can get the Nagakiba by talking to him. As a result, you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Eleonora.
  • Zamor Ruins: Now, this one is more of a spoiler so read with caution. In the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll encounter a new character, Shabriri. However, this individual has apparently taken Yura’s body as a host. Slay him, and you’ll actually obtain Yura’s Ronin’s Set. The Nagakiba will not be here; it’ll either be near the Murkwater area or south of the Dragon Burnt Ruins.

Nagakiba Stats and Ronin’s Set

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

If you managed to have acquired the Nagakiba after all that trial and error, here are the stats for the lengthy katana. Its Physical Attack starts at 115 with a 100 for Critical. It possesses a Strength D and Dexterity C for Scaling rates, so you’ll need Strength 18 and Dexterity 22 to properly wield it. The blade causes blood loss, and it comes with the Unsheathe skill and Piercing Fang Ash of War.

In addition to the katana in question, the Ronin’s Set (if collected) comes with the Iron Kasa, Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves. The Iron Kasa piece is topped with Immunity 30, Robustness 23, Focus 24, Vitality 24, and Poise 2. With the Ronin Armor, you’ll get Immunity 66, Robustness 48, Focus 52, Vitality 57, and Poise 6. The set’s Gauntlets pack Immunity 25, Robustness 19, Focus 20, Vitality 21, and Poise 2. Finally, the Greaves are equipped with Immunity 46, Robustness 35, Focus 36, Vitality 38, and Poise 5.

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