Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Questline | Full Walkthrough

Elden Ring is full of NPCs that can help you inside or outside of a battle. From strategic brainiacs to meathead warriors, you’ll have the opportunity to meet everyone in the Lands Between. Nepheli Loux is a barbarian woman with a questline that will see her redeemed. From a poor barbarian woman, you’ll help her make much more of herself. This will require quite a bit of time and investment, though.So, let’s walk through the quest.

How to Complete the Nepheli Loux Questline in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Questline Start

To begin the Nepheli Loux questline, you must first find her in Stormveil Castle. From the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace, head straight through the path, where the birds are standing on fences. Keep an eye on the right side; there will be an opening. A woman is standing over a dead soldier, congratulating him on his skill. Talk to her to affiliate yourself with Nepheli Loux, a warrior.

This will make Nepheli available for the fight against Godrick the Grafted. You do not need to summon her for her quest to continue, but she can help make the fight more reasonable.

The Roundtable Hold

Nepheli will be here, in Roundtable Hold. Talk with her outside of the library near the Twin Maiden Husks. Exhaust her dialogue and she’ll give you the Arsenal Charm, an item that improves your Equipment Load. You can talk with Gideon Ofnir about his relationship with Nepheli, but this is not required to continue the questline.

Once you’re done talking with her, head to the Village of the Albinaurics. This dungeon is on the Southwestern side of Liurnia of the Lakes, underneath the Plateau. Use Torrent to ride over the swamp, since it’ll poison you otherwise. Clear the dungeon until you reach the bonfire with the dungeon’s name.

She will be underneath the stone bridge leading to the village on a path relatively close to the bonfire. Exhaust her dialogue. Then, you can ride across the bridge and defeat the boss of the mini-dungeon, the Omenkiller. He’ll have the worst trinket in the game on his person, which reduces headshot damage. Fantastic. More importantly, the chests around him give you quite a few runes to work with.

Seluvis’s Potion

Once you have taken out the Omenkiller, you can talk with her again but she won’t have significant dialogue changes.

Head back to the Roundtable. She’ll be downstairs, curled up in a ball. Talk with her, and she will tell you that she is lost and listless.

At this point, if you have have Seluvis’s Potion, you may now give it to Nepheli. Beforehand, she would have not allowed you to give her the potion.

If you want to do so, talk to Gideon Ofnir about it. He will ask you to give it to him to dispose of it. If you do this, you can progress the Seluvis questline as well as Nepheli Loux’s. Otherwise, you can give it to Nepheli to continue his questline. Giving the potion to Nepheli will lock you out of her questline, as she will be turned into a doll.

If you want to do Nepheli Loux’s questline, do not give her the potion when she’s curled up in the basement. This will lock you out of it permanently, even if you try and use a Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows.

The Stormhawk King

Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Anticipation

At the Four Belfries, at the Western Side of Liurnia of the Lakes, head to the third one, labeled “Precipice of Anticipation.” Use an Imbued Key here to open the portal and step inside.

You may recognize this area from the beginning of the game. Head across the wooden bridge to once again do battle with the Grafted Scion. This time, you’ll decimate it. Well, it’s still a hard fight, so play it safe! Use its short range to your advantage by backing up and hitting it when it misses an attack.

You’ll receive his straight sword and shield, decent faith weapons though relying more on dexterity. Head back to the church. Next to it, before you enter the church proper, you’ll see that a door has fallen open.

Head up the stairs and loot the items here. You’ll receive Stormhawk Deenh from the chest outside and the Stormhawk King from the chest inside. You can summon Deenh, but not the King. That summon is for someone else.

Kenneth Haight and the Lord of Limgrave

Elden Ring Fort Haight

Before you complete the questline, you’ll need to complete the questline of Kenneth Haight. Don’t worry, it’s very short!

You’ll find Kenneth north-east of the Mistwood, standing on the ruins between the Mistwood Outskirts and Third Church of Marika sites of grace. He will be calling out for someone to help him. Thankfully, there are no enemies nearby to put the whining man in danger.

Exhaust his dialogue. Then, head to the south-east corner of the Mistwood to find Fort Haight, standing right on the end of a peninsula. Clear it out, making sure to even defeat the enemies at the top of the battlements. They aren’t pushovers, so be careful!

Once it is clear, rest at the Fort Haight bonfire. When the area is reloaded by either waiting or save-quitting, Fort Haight will have been overrun by demi-humans. If this is not the case, head back to the original location where Kenneth Haight is and make sure he’s repeating his dialogue.

Clear the dungeon again. You’ll find Kenneth on top of the battlements. Exhaust his dialogue to learn that he is looking for the True Lord of Limgrave.

The Final Steps

Head back to Nepheli and give her the King. She’ll take it.

You must get to Crumbling Farum Azula before the questline will continue. Then, talk to Roderika and Hewg about Hewg’s condition, exhausting their dialogue. After that, head to the Stormveil Castle Throne Room. If you see Nepheli and Kenneth Haight here, then you’ve done it right! Gostoc will also be there, as long as he’s still alive.

While inside the room, talk with Nepheli. She will have realized that she is the true ruler of Stormveil. Good for her! In reward, she’ll give you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, allowing you to upgrade weapons to +25. If Gostoc is still alive, he will now sell another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 Runes.

And with that, you’re now done with the questline!