Elden Ring New Game Plus | Can You Continue Playing?

Elden Ring, the open-world RPG developed by FromSoftware, is simply huge. Chances are good that you won’t have seen everything by the time you complete the story. Of course, many Souls fans already anticipated that. Most diehards simple assumed that Elden Ring had a New Game Plus mode right out of the gate. But does it? Can you continue playing after the credits roll, and can you bring your gear along for a fresh start?

Does Elden Ring Have New Game Plus?

Elden Ring New Game Plus

Yes, Elden Ring does include a New Game Plus mode. Here, NG+ runs are called Journeys, and they’re very easy to get once you’ve completed the game. Just, head back to Roundtable Hold, and interact with the Site of Grace at the table. From there, you’ll be able to start New Game +, called “Journey 2”.

New Game Plus works much like the other titles in FromSoftware’s catalog. However, not everything from the game will come through with you once you embark on your second journey. As well, there’s also New Game ++ Mode, and so forth. When beginning a new journey, players will retain their armor, weapons, Talismans, Incantations, almost all your consumables, gestures, cookbooks, Rememberance items from bosses, map fragments, and Flask levels.

However, not everything will be able to make the jump with you into your New Game + run. Keys, Bell Bearings, areas that were locked by keys, Great Runes from defeating bosses, and all quest progress will be reverted to their initial state. You’ll have your work cut out for you getting all of that stuff back.

Although, just because it’s a new game, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a cakewalk with all of your gear from your previous game. Enemies will now be more difficult, meaning players will find themselves having to keep their wits about them while playing. Granted, FromSoftware has tweaked the rewards for players who are going to be taking on this challenge. You’ll be rewarded with more Runes than your initial playthrough, giving you a sizeable reward for taking on the harder version of Elden Ring‘s world.

Once you’re complete with Journey 2, you can jump into New Game ++ Mode, and take on Journey 3 and possibly Journey 4, and maybe even Journey 5. Each Journey becomes more challenging than the last.