Elden Ring Noble’s Slender Sword | How to Get

Elden Ring is filled to the brim with all manner of trinkets and items. However, some players have their preferred weapon for the build they’re running. Some prefer axes for combat, while others prefer swords. One of the weapons that have seemingly been used a lot is the Noble’s Slender sword, and for good reason!

How to Get the Noble’s Slender Sword in Elden Ring

Noble's Slender Sword Elden Ring

The Noble’s Slender sword is dropped by Wandering Nobles in Lingrave and Raya Lucaria Academy. Described as one of the longest straight swords in Elden Ring, players who have a build that’s focused around Dexterity and Strength are going to want to seek it out. It’s power scales with both stats.

Defeating these enemies is going to be the quickest way to pick up the Noble’s Slender sword. However, the drop chance of the weapon is 0.5%, so you’re going to be fighting a lot of them to get your hands on it. The best way to farm enemies for the sword is to go to the Great Debate Room in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Once you leave the boss room, turn to the left and there should be two Wandering nobles picking weeds.

Kill them then head up the stairs, there will be more before the two scholars. Each Wandering Noble has a chance to drop the Noble’s Slender sword.

Once you finally get the sword to drop. It’s actually very handy. You’ll be able to upgrade the sword at a Smithing Stone, and it has special passive effects for Poison, Cold, and Blood over 25. It’s no Rivers of Blood Katana or Moonlight Greatsword, but it’s very useful.

The sword is also able to be equipped with the Ash of War Skill: Square Off. With its low weight stat, it’s perfect for players who are quick on their feet. It’s considered to be one of the few weapons in the community that’s “slept on” and it can be very efficient in the right hands.