Elden Ring NPC Questlines | Side Quest List

The plot in Elden Ring is guided through various NPC encounters. Some of these characters simply provide assistance, while others have entire questlines. In fact, the ending you see will change based on which NPCs you’ve decided to align with. However, since there are so many to meet, it’s difficult keeping track of them all. That’s why we’ve put together this list of every NPC and their related side quests.

Elden Ring Side Quests | All NPC Questlines

There are loads of NPCs in Elden Ring, and a total of 32 of them offer side quests. Some characters, such as White Mask Varre, will greet you as soon as your journey begins. Others, such as Preceptor Seluvis, must be sought out specifically.

Here’s a list of every major NPC offering a side quest in Elden Ring, plus details about how to begin their stories.

White Mask Varre

Elden Ring NPC Side Quest List - White Mask Varre

White Mask Varre should be the very first NPC you encounter within Elden Ring. He is standing right next to the First Step Site of Grace. Be sure to speak with him until his dialogue runs out. Then you will continue on for a while until meeting him again a bit later. We lay it all out all the details in our Varre questline guide.


Patches can be found in Murkwater Cave. You’ll have to fight him, but make sure not kill him. Instead, leave and return to the area. Talk to him, then open his chest and leave again. Return one more time to forgive him, and this will open his questline.

Boc the Seamster

You will encounter Boc masquerading as a tree by Murkwater Bridge, right near the center of Limgrave. Strike him to make him give up the ruse, then talk to him. This is all you need to start his quest.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

The Yura questline begins when you first interact with him, either in southwestern Limgrave next to the Seaside Ruins Grace, or near Murkwater Cave in middle Limgrave, near the Ravine. In the first case, he is at a camp underneath a large overpass, and recommends that you do not fight the dragon. In the second case, he will help you fight off a Bloody Finger who tries to invade you while you ride through the bottom of the ravine.


Elden Ring NPC Side Quest List - Sellen

You can find the Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins in eastern Limgrave. Go underground and you’ll immediately be greeted by her security detail. After defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head boss fight, you’ll find her in the room just beyond. Sellen’s questline isn’t too complex, and it has plenty to offer for mage-oriented builds.

Blaidd the Half-Wolf

Blaidd is an interesting character you’ll meet at the behest of Merchant Kale. To find him, go to Mistwood in Limgrave and listen for a wolf’s howl. Go back to the Church of Elleh and you’ll be able to ask Kale about it. He will give you the ability to Snap Gesture, which is more important than it may seem. You’ll then need to locate Blaidd in Mistwood Ruin. Once arrived, use the Snap to get him to jump down and talk. Speaking with him afterward will begin his quest, which has close ties to the witch Ranni.

Edgar and Irin

You’ll find Irina by the Bridge of Sacrifice in the Weeping Peninsula. The quest with her and her father is really quite short, and it begins with her asking you to take a letter. Give the letter to Edgar at the top of Castle Morne to begin this quest. You’ll need to bounce back and forth between the two NPC locations to progress the story. Later, you’ll be able to find Edgar at the Revenger’s Shack in Liurnia.


Roderika is one of the NPCs you’ll speak to frequently throughout Elden Ring. To begin her story, go to the Stormhill Shack and simply speak with her until she runs out of new dialogue. You’ll then find her at Roundtable Hold, where she’ll strike up a unique relationship with Master Hewg.

Knight Bernahl

You’ll first find Bernahl in Stormhill at the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave. Out there’s, he’s a simple merchant. However, talk to him again when you encounter him at Volcano Manor, and he’ll start doling out new orders. Be sure to speak to him once more after finishing the first two assassinations for Tanith to kick off his questline properly.

Iron Fist Alexander

You can begin the Iron Fist Alexander questline by finding him stuck in the ground in northern Stormhill. Simply follow the road west of the river and north of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, then listen for his cries. You’ll need to whack Alexander out of the ground so he can talk to you, which will begin the quest.


Elden Ring NPC Side Quest List - Fia

The Fia questline begins at Roundtable Hold, the location that Melina teleports you to after first encountering Margit, the Fell Omen. Fia is located in the eastern wing of the Hold, where she is sitting on a bed. Her story begins after accepting her hug, then agreeing to find the owner of the Weathered Dagger.

Note: If you’re aiming to complete all NPC side quests in Elden Ring, make sure you complete the D, Hunter of the Dead side quest first.

D, Hunter of the Dead

You will meet D in Roundtable Hold, sitting at the round table. Get a hold of a Deathroot and give it to him to start his quest.

Warning: You must complete D’s questline before starting Fia’s, else you’ll be locked out of progression.

Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman

You’ll encounter Gurranq in the midst of D’s questline after you enter the Bestial Sanctum. Feed him all of the Deathroot you find to gain new weapons and incantations. He will attack you during one of these feedings and, like Patches, you’ll need to beat him but not kill him. Be sure to exercise restraint.

Nepheli Loux

Nepheli Loux

You can find Nepheli Loux at Stormveil Castle standing over a corpse. Speak with her to begin her questline. The Nephili Loux questline is fairly short, but it’s one of the more lore-rich side quests in the game.

Diallos Hoslow

You’ll first speak with Diallos in Roundtable Hold, then encounter him again north of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. He’ll be standing over his dead sister. Return to Roundtable Hold and speak with him once more for his quest.


This questline is extremely short, so we will simply lay it all out here. This side quest begins by speaking with Ensha in Roundtable Hold. Doing so will give you the ‘What Do You Want’ gesture. If you don’t know who to look for, keep an eye out for the silent, zombie-looking warrior leaning against the wall near Gideon’s room.

After finding the right half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, return to Roundtable Hold and Ensha will attack you as an invader. Defeat them and they’ll drop the Clinging Bone, a fist armament. Afterward, return to where you first spoke to them to get find the entire Royal Remains armor set.

Sorceror Rogier

You will first meet Rogier in Stormveil Castle, and then again in Roundtable Hold. Talk to him again after beating the Ulcerated Tree Spirit underneath the Castle and touching the bloodstain in front of the rotting face. Rogier may not be much for action, but he does know a lot about the world, and will provide loads of insight during Fia’s quest.

Kenneth Haight

This one is simple. To start Kenneth Haight’s quest, merely answer his call for help on the Saintsbridge in Limgrave. He’ll bounce around this location and Fort Haight before gradually moving to the Stormveil Throne Room.

Thops, the Sorcery Merchant

Simply speak to Thops at the Church of Irith to start his short questline. He’s found near the church’s side wall, and will provide information about a Glintstone Key.

Brother Corhyn and Goldmask

To kick off this side quest, first speak to Brother Corhyn at Roundtable Hold, then Goldmask just west of the Windmill Village. Brother Corhyn is recognizable for his blindfold, and will offer you some of your first spells. However, be careful about offering him your prayerbooks, as he will move out of Roundtable Hold eventually.



In order to find Hyetta in the first place, you must first complete Irina’s quest in the Weeping Peninsula. Once that quest is complete, you will find Hyetta next to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, the first Site of Grace that you can reach after completing Stormveil Castle. Her full walkthrough is laid out here.


This is one of a few NPC conversations in Elden Ring that can be missed entirely, with consequences. Take note: You need to talk to Rya at Liurnia of the Lakes before visiting Volcano Manor. Buy back Rya’s necklace from Boggart and return it to her to begin her questline. Otherwise, this will lock you out of Boggart’s questline, which in turn prevents you from completing Dung Eater’s questline.

Latenna the Albinauric

Though short, Latenna’s side quest is crucial to progression, since she knows the location of the left half of the Secret Haligtree Medallion. To find her, sweep through Lakeside Crystal Cave and leave through the rear. After exiting the cave, you’ll find Latenna at the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack. Speak with her to begin her quest.

Blackguard Big Boggart

The Blackguard Big Boggart side quest can be missed entirely. You’ll need to make sure to interact with this NPC before reaching Volcano Manor. Luckily, he’s not hard to find, since he’s sitting outside the Boilprawn Shack due west of Rya’s location. After buying Rya’s necklace back from him, return to him and speak with him again after buying some Boiled Prawns from him to begin his quest.


To start Jar-Bairn’s questline, you’ll need to find your way to Jarburg and speak with him. You will have to leave and return several times to exhaust all of his dialogue, then you will need to work through part of Diallos’ quest until you end up back in Jarburg. Only then will you be able to speak with both of them.


Ranni’s questline is probably the longest and most significant in the game. Simply speak with her at Ranni’s Rise to begin her saga. Take note that you’ll need to clear out Caria Manor before you can access the towers in northwest Liurnia.


Elden Ring NPC Side Quest List - Millicent

The Millicent questline begins in Gowry’s Shack. This shack is east of Sellia, City of Sorcery, which itself is east of the Swamp of Aeonia in Caelid. You can’t miss it; it’s a massive red swamp in the center of the in-game map.

Preceptor Seluvis

Preceptor Seluvis

After first speaking to Ranni in her tower, speak to the apparition of Preceptor Seluvis at the bottom of Ranni’s Rise. You will then have to travel south to Seluvis’ Rise to speak with him in person and kick off his questline.


Talk with Gowry south of Sellia in his shack and bring him the Unalloyed Needle. His quest crosses over with Millicent’s, and you’ll need to do a fair amount of traveling back and forth between the two NPCs.


Tanith is the headmaster of Volcano Manor, and doles out all of the assassination assignments. Simply speak to her once you reach the manor to begin.

Dung Eater

Dung Eater

The Dung Eater first appears at Roundtable Hold. He’s found past the Twin Maiden Husks in the library area, and appears after you enter Atlus Plateau for the first time. The Dung Eater questline is pretty complex, as it ties in multiple other characters. But Dung Eater himself won’t say much until you find your first Seedbed Curse. Only then will his quest begin.


Before starting this questline, it is best to finish Yura’s first, as even entering the Mountaintops of the Giants will render Yura’s quest unfinishable. Otherwise, the rest is very simple. Speak to Shabriri at the Zamoor Ruins in this region to begin their questline.