Elden Ring Raptor’s Black Feathers | Where to Find

Behind every secret in Elden Ring lies something worthwhile for the taking. Within the depths of the Sage’s Cave, there are multiple discoveries for Tarnished to uncover. One such revelation is the appearance of the Raptor’s Black Feathers, a light-to-medium armor chest piece that strengthens your jump attacks. But, wouldn’t you know it, the cave is almost entirely illusory. Don’t worry, this guide will help you locate the Raptor’s Black Feathers quickly and efficiently.

Where to Find Raptor’s Black Feathers in Elden Ring

Where to Find Raptor's Black Feathers in Elden Ring

The Raptor’s Black Feathers chest piece is behind a hidden wall deep within the Sage’s Cave of Altus Plateau. All you have to do is attack a wall near the waterfall to unveil secret access to two chests and a boss. The chests contain the Raptor’s Black Feathers and the Skeletal Mask. Beyond the mist wall is the fight with Necromancer Garris.

Essentially, you need to work through the Sage’s Cave by passing through all enemies until you reach near the base of the waterfall. You won’t be able to drop down, but to your left will be a ledge that you can jump onto. Do this, then approach the tiny pathway immediately to your left. It will look like a dead end, but it isn’t. Strike the wall to reveal the two treasure chests you seek.

The Raptor’s Black Feathers are a part of the Raptor’s Set, acting as the chest aspect for the full outfit. Along with the Skeletal Mask (which is the item in the chest next to the chest armor), the Bandit Machchettes and Bandit Boots complete the set. For the item in question here, the Black Feathers come with Immunity 57, Robustness 35, Focus 60, Vitality 60, and Poise 5 for its resistance stats. Its weight is 7.7 If you’re looking to have the full set, head over to Gostoc up at the start of Stormveil or the Twin Maiden Husks if you killed him after the Godrick battle.

How to Defeat Necromancer Garris

Elden Ring Raptors Black Feathers with Necromancer Garris
Here, you can see the Raptor’s Black Feathers in action against Necromancer Garris.

After you’ve claimed your treasure, feel free to take on Necromancer Garris. If you need a quick tip on how to defeat him, we can give you two. First, utilize any blood loss effect to keep him preoccupied while striking him with a spirit summon. Necromancer Garris summons skeletal snakes that can roll and damage you, so it’s only fair to have your own backup.

As long as you have a summon with multiple spirits, you’ll have plenty of windows to attack Garris. He also possesses an ability to conjure skeletal beings to strike you in a fixed spot, but a simple escape should do the trick. Fighting with both Garris and his skeleton snakes can be a bit tricky for some players, but as long as you deal fire and/or blood loss damage onto him, he should be quick to be dealt with. Once defeated, you’ll be rewarded with the Family Heads flail.

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