Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana | How to Get

Elden Ring is filled to the brim with all manner of weapons players to use. One of the more interesting among the lot is the Rivers of Blood katana. This blood-soaked blade causes blood loss buildup in enemies, dealing even more damage over time. It’s also one of the few blades that scales well with Arcane. However, reaching the location you need to find this armament is only half the battle.

How to Get the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana location map

Getting to this katana is going to be an adventure all on its own. The Rivers of Blood is a drop from the boss known as Bloody Finger Okina. You’ll encounter this invader as you approach the Church of Repose in Mountaintops of the Giants. You’ll have to brave the elements and several late-game foes just to be able to reach this area.

Assuming you have access to the Mountaintops of the Giants, make your way towards the church. It’s in the cold and largely barren southeastern part of the region. Once you’re nearby, you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Okina. This boss is tough, and he’s using the weapon that you’re trying to acquire. If you want the Rivers of Blood katana, you’ll need to defeat him.

Keep your distance when fighting him, since getting hit with the weapon deals critical blood loss damage, and you’ll go down for the count quickly. If you’ve got a shield, keep it held up at all times. Otherwise, and as usual, the best strategy is to avoid incoming attacks and play it safe. Once defeated, Okina will drop the Rivers of Blood katana as well as the Okina Mask. You’ll also then be able to safely access the Church of Repose and claim the Sacred Tear sitting at the altar.

Many players seek out the Rivers of Blood to combine it with the Seppuku skill and use it in their kit with a White Mask. This is one of the best blood loss builds in Elden Ring, a good fit for characters with high Vigor and Arcane stats.