Elden Ring Rotten Breath Incantation | How to Get

There are few spells in Elden Ring that are as cool as the dragon magic. While many of these Incantations are ineffective by themselves, some are game-breakingly good. One of the more effective Dragon Incantations in Elden Ring is Rotten Breath. This allows you to spew Scarlet Rot breath, a deadly curse that will absolutely decimate specific boss fights. If you’re having trouble with a big enemy, and you need a method to consistently bring them down, this is a pretty good idea! So, let’s find it!

How to Get Rotten Breath in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Rotten Breath

Rotten Breath is located in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, a church in the southwest of Caelid. This church holds multiple breath spells, including a few quick attacks that can make a dragon-only build palpable. The Rotten Breath incantation is unlocked immediately, requires one Dragon Heart to purchase, and needs 15 Faith and 12 Arcane in order to cast. Several bosses are quite weak to it, making it a very valid – and cheesy – option to take down some heavy hitters.

Unfortunately, the Cathedral of Dragon Communion is different from the Church of Dragon Communion. The latter is a lower-level version with rather mediocre incantations. The Cathedral has much better options! You can follow the road to Southern Caelid and then just ride south to locate it. Caelid is a very perilous zone, but you can actually access this area without fighting many enemies at all.

The only issue are the Dragon Hearts. You need one in order to purchase this spell, so you’ll need to take down a dragon! By a gigantic margin, the best dragon to slay is Elder Dragon Greyoll. She is sleeping on a mountain in the middle of Caelid, next to a small church. She drops a gigantic pile of Runes and five dragon hearts when she dies. You can kill her easily by going behind her – avoiding the dragons that surround her – and cutting at her tail with a Bleed weapon. This drops a massive number of souls, too! Good for farming towards the max level we know about.

The Breath itself is strong, but only in specific situations. Scarlet Rot is a strong debuff that some bosses are immensely weak to. Use it against Radahn by Rotting him and then running away until he melts.