Elden Ring Royal Revenant | How to Beat

Elden Ring, the latest game by renowned developer FromSoftware, is known for its immense amount of bosses. It’s full of high-level beasts and fiends designed to put a quick end to foolhardy players. One of the game’s most notoriously difficult bosses is the Royal Revenant boss, an optional fight in Elden Ring. If you’re having trouble in this fight, here’s how to take them down!

How to Beat Royal Revenant in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Royal Revenant

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to find out where the Royal Revenant is. For those who are looking for them, they reside in the dungeon in Kingsrealm Ruins in west Liurnia.

Making your way through the dungeon, you’ll come face to face with the Royal Revenant, the boss of the dungeon. Taking him on is going to be tough, but he’s got some weaknesses you can exploit to make the fight easier to complete.

One of the major weaknesses of the Royal Revenant is Holy. It’s very weak to Faith-based attacks, so bring the best you’ve got. Coating weapons in Holy Grease, or even using the Heal incantation against it will deal more damage than striking it with armaments. If you’re a ranged build, and can’t get close enough to defeat the boss, consider using Spirit Ashes to take it on.

The Royal Revenant has a decent amount of melee attacks. It also has a ranged one that you’ll have to keep your eyes out for. For its ranged attack, it will spit poison from its mouth. The attack is telegraphed when poison starts foaming from the mouth of the boss. You’ll want to dodge to the side, since the Revenant shoots poison in a straight line.

Moving onto the bosses’ melee attacks, be of its combos. Its flurry of swings is one of its main moves. Swiping at you, and ending their blows with a ground slam. It also has a lunge attack, in it will lunge not once, but twice. The attack is easy to dodge if you’re able to time them right as it hits the ground. Just don’t dodge backward.

The final attack on the Royal Revenant is the teleportation attack. Be careful, as the Revenant will disappear, only to perform a lunge at you. This attack can follow into other combos. Keep up your defenses, keep blasting Heal or Holy spells, and he’ll die soon enough.