Elden Ring Rya and Tanith Questline | Full Walkthrough

There are so many moving parts in the world of Elden Ring. There are little NPC questlines, so minor that you can blink and miss them. However, there are also massive sagas, so making sure you know where they all are is critical. Perhaps the best skip in the game belongs to the Rya questline, which will bring you right to Volcano Manor. From here, the Rya and Tanith questlines will both be pretty good stepping-stones, in terms of game progress, rewards, and killing the Demigod of the Volcano Manor. So, let’s see what steps you can do to complete both of these questlines!

How to Complete the Rya and Tanith Questline

Rya Tanith Questline

You cannot begin the Rya and Tanith questlines until you find Rya in the Liurnia of the Lakes. This is a multi-step questline, so take things slow. Rya’s questline is intrinsically linked to the mid-game dungeon of Volcano Manor. Tanith’s questline can be completed as long as you can reach her targets.

Rya’s Questline Begins

Rya’s questline begins in Liurnia of the Lakes. At the Scenic Isle Site of Grace, the character Patches will inform you of a young woman who is in need of aid. Head there and talk with her. She will tell you that she needs to find a necklace.

Head northwest to the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace. Here, talk to Blackguard Big Boggart, an important part of the Dung Eater questline. You can either kill him or pay 1,000 runes for the necklace. Either way, bring the necklace back and Rya will give you an invitation to the Volcano Manor. She’ll also tell you how to reach the Altus Plateau.

Depending on how you scale the Altus Plateau, she will either be next to the Grand Lift of Dectus (if you took the lift) or in the lower part of the Lux Ruins (if you climbed the Ruin-Strewn Precipice). Speak with her, and she will teleport you right to the Volcano Manor.

The Volcano Manor’s Secrets

In the Volcano Manor, talk with Tanith to get access to the Drawing-Room Key. You can find Rya in the room to the left, accessible using the key. Right now, she cannot do anything.

Assassinate the first target of the Tanith questline (detailed below). Rya will no longer be here. Head down the hall a bit and open the door to see a snake wearing Rya’s clothes. Here, she will tell you about herself.

From here, complete the second Assassination target for Tanith. Rya will be in the same room, complaining about noises. Hit the invisible wall right next to the corpse in the first door to the right to open a secret passage. Head through the passage, go down into the basement, and get to the Grace in the Prison Town Church. Open the door, hit the Site of Grace, and then report back to Rya.

You can talk to Tanith about Rya here, but this is optional.

The Volcano Manor Dungeon

Complete the Volcano Manor, up to the Godskin Noble fight in the Temple of Eiglay. This is a fairly straightforward dungeon, but make sure to check the side rooms of the Guest House to find a good Site of Grace! It can be a long boss run otherwise. Alternatively, make sure you make the Bridge next to the Temple so that you can simply run from the Church to the Godskin Noble boss fight.

On a pedestal, you will find Serpent Amnion. Show it to Rya. She will become upset and disappear.

From here, talk to Tanith. She will offer you a Tonic of Forgetfulness. You may choose to use this on Rya.

Rya Questline Final Location

Rya has hidden herself away from the Volcano Manor. From the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace, go up the elevator and hop down from the balcony. Go across the rock bridge and around the corner, taking out an Iron Virgin as you go. Across the lava, you will see a small river of lava heading around the back of the building. Go across it to see a door. Within that door, Rya will be sitting there.

This area can be more easily accessed once you unlock the elevator on the outside of the Temple of Eiglay.

Rya is miserable. You have three options.

  • Kill Rya to have her drop the Daedicar’s Woe, a talisman which makes enemies aggro from farther.
  • Return after Rykard to make her realize that you won’t kill her. Reload the area by saving and continuing to find the Daedicar’s Woe and her letter.
  • Give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness and Tanith will have put her into a deep sleep. You can kill Rykard and then head back to Rya’s usual spot in the Manor. Talk with her, and she will leave the Daedicar’s Woe in place.

Where is Rya?

There are a few points where Rya’s quest can lock up. Specifically, if you kill Rykard before completing her questline, her questline will be impossible to complete. In addition, if you complete all of the manor’s assassinations before you complete her questline, you cannot get the Tonic of Forgetfulness. This isn’t too bad, since the uses of the Tonic are optional.

Tanith Questline

Thankfully, Tanith’s questline is substantially more simple. Once you’ve gotten the Drawing-Room Key, simply open the door to the left in the hallway. On the table will be a Letter from Volcano Manor. This letter will contain an assassination target, which is shown on your map with a small red symbol. Whenever you complete an assassination request, go here to get your next target.

All Tanith Assassination Targets in Elden Ring

While there are more Assassination Targets in Volcano Manor, these three are required for all possible rewards for Tanith’s questline.

These three are not required for Tanith’s questline to reach its completion. However, these are all of the rewards that Tanith can give you. You cannot receive these rewards if you turn on Tanith.

The targets drop a handful of rewards upon defeat. The final reward of each of these categories are given to you by Tanith after the target is assassinated. Talk with her to get the reward, reload the area, then find your next letter on the table.

  • Old Knight Istvan (Stormhill): Scaled Set
    • Magma Shot
  • Rileigh the Idle (Altus Plateau): Crepus’s Vial
    • Serpentbone Blade
  • Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood (Mountaintops of the Giants): Hoslow’s Set, Hoslow’s Petal Whip
    • Taker’s Cameo Talisman

After you defeat these guys, you can talk with Tanith to get teleported to Rykard. He’s the Demigod of the Volcano Manor. Defeat him, and then head back to talk with Tanith, who seems calm about the situation. She will eventually leave the Volcano Manor.

Tanith Questline Ends

Tanith Questline Complete Elden Ring

After you slay Rykard, talk to Tanith until she repeats her dialogue. Then, refresh the area and teleport back to Rykard’s Site of Grace. You’ll see her eating the body of Rykard. At this point, her questline is complete and you can kill her at your leisure.

You can give her the Dancer’s Castinets, but she will simply shake it off and keep eating. So, dunk on her!

When you kill her, her bodyguard will come to fight you. He is a fairly standard Crucible Knight, which means he’ll be a hard fight. Because of that, make sure you’re all ready and buffed up before assassinating Tanith.

After you kill him and get the Aspect of the Crucible: Breath, you are officially done with the Volcano Manor’s main questline. Well done!