Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Set | How to Get

Elden Ring has so many weapons, items, and spells to choose from! However, on the armor end, it can feel a bit more restricted. Only some specific enemies and quests will let you get some of the coolest armor that FromSoftware has ever produced. But, you’re going to have to search for it! The Sanguine Noble set is a hard-to-find armor set, but it has fantastic magic resistance, along with good status resistances to Sleep, Madness, and Instant Death. But, where can you find it? Here’s a hint: It doesn’t drop from the normal Sanguine Noble enemies.

How to Get the Sanguine Noble Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble set map location

The Sanguine Noble set drops specifically from the Sanguine Noble invader in the Mountaintops of the Giants. This invader appears between the Sites of Grace from the Inner Consecrated Snowfield to the Apostle Derelict. You can see its location highlighted in the map image featured above. Defeat this invader to get the full set. However, be warned that this invader may not spawn if you complete too much of the Varre questline.

To get this set, you’ll need to reach the frozen northern extremes of the Elden Ring map. You’ll need to power through Leyndell, Royal Capital to even have access to this place. Entering this location takes a while, so this armor set is more catered to late-game enemies that use magic and status effects. You might be climbing towards the theoretical max level by then… Though, that is a far-off goal! Currently, there are no ways to get to this area – without being trapped – that lets you get access to this armor early in your run.

The actual Sanguine Noble set is fantastic, though not too strong physically. You should use it as a backup set against enemies that primarily deal magic damage, or cause Madness.

However, these enemies have a caveat; they are directly linked to the Lake of Blood and the Mohgwyn Dynasty. Players who have completed much of Varre’s quest have threatened the Lake of Blood, and because of that, this NPC invader may not spawn. If you have cleared too much of Varre’s quest, you may need to wait until NG+ to actually acquire this armor.