Elden Ring Sellen Questline | Full Walkthrough

The vast world of Elden Ring can be a bit much sometimes. There are plenty of varied characters that you can miss entirely over the course of your game. One of the NPCs that you are fairly likely to miss is the Sorceress Sellen. This NPC is a sorcery teacher, so she’s pretty important for Intelligence builds and INT-reliant builds. Put simply, the Sellen questline makes it easier for mages to deal damage. In fact, she guides you toward some of the most damaging spells in the game. If you want to become the Land Between’s most feared battlemage, Sellen is going to be useful. So, let’s talk about her!

How to Complete the Sorceress Sellen Questline

Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Cellar

The Sorceress Sellen Questline begins at the Waypoint Ruins in eastern Limgrave. She is found underground, beyond the Mad Pumpkin Head boss fight, in a room with a treasure chest that you can kick open right away. She will allow you to purchase Sorceries from her, and has access to a bunch of low-level Glintstone Sorceries. You can also give her a few scrolls if you want to get some slightly more advanced Sorceries.

Sellen’s questline does not begin in earnest for quite a long time. From here, there’s nothing to do until you reach Mt. Gelmir. However, if you’ve already been or know where you’re going, the next step isn’t hard to find.

The Primeval Sorcerers

In order to get Sellen to recognize you as a true scholar of Glintstone magic, you’ll need to get the magic of the Primeval Sorcerers. The first of these sorcerers, and most important one, is Azur. This sorcerer is located around Mt. Gelmir. You can reach it by circling around the mountain counter-clockwise. Once you get past the Hermit Village – defeating or evading Demi-Human Queen Maggie – the bonfire next to the sorcerer is right past there.

Interact with him a few times to get Comet Azur, arguably the best spell in the game.

Then, talk to Sellen. Sellen will be excited to hear that her old mentor is alive. She’ll ask you to find another sorcerer named Lusat. They’re hiding within a secret passageway in Caelid. To find the passage, you’ll have to blast through an illusory wall behind a grave northeast of the Church of Plague. You’re likely familiar with the location already, as it’s a big part of the Millicent questline.

The grave you seek isn’t particularly hard to find, and it’s the only one being guarded. Attack or roll through the wall behind it, then proceed inside to find Sorcerer Lusat. Your reward is the Stars of Ruin sorcery.

Sellen Questline: After Defeating Starscourge Radahn

After you defeat Radahn, it’s time to return to your mentor! Sellen will request that you meet her in person at the Witchbane Ruins. The Witchbane Ruins are in southwest Weeping Peninsula, within the pool of poison visible on the map.

Head into the basement that’s next to the Arcane Orb. Sellen will be down there, chained to a wall. Interact with her to obtain her primal glintstone. Take the glintstone out of her body, and now you’ll need to find a new body.

Thankfully, we know just the creep to talk to!

Seluvis’s Basement

Seluvis has the body that’s perfect for Sellen. Head to the Three Sisters behind Carian Manor, where Ranni is located. Head to her Tower. Then, head northeast until you find a block of ruins. At the western edge of the ruins, hit an illusory floor.

Seluvis Basement Elden Ring Sellen Questline

Head into the basement until you see the following message “Seluvis’s Puppet. Do not touch.” Hit the illusory wall and interact with Sellen’s body. She’ll now start selling sorceries here.

At this point there’s a mini-questline involving another NPC.

Witch-Hunter Jerren Questline

After Radahn was defeated, there’ll be a new NPC – Witch-Hunter Jerren. He will be north of the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace. Talk with him to learn a bit about Witch Hunting, as he is searching for a specific quarry: Sellen. If he isn’t here, don’t worry; just head to the next step.

He’ll then head down to Witchbane Ruins. Head there yourself and chat with him. He stabbed the dead body of Sellen, thinking she was actually still in there.

And… That’s thankfully it! We can now safely head to the next step of the questline and finish Sellen’s quest!

Should I Help Sellen Or Jerren?

At the top of Raya Lucaria, right outside of the doors to Raya Lucaria Academy Grand Library, you’ll see two summon signs. One is red, the other is yellow.

Help Sellen

The yellow one will have you assist Sellen in defeating Witch Hunter Jerren. The Witch Hunter isn’t incredible at fighting, and you have a friend to help you out.

Defeating Jerren will get you the Eccentric Set, a light-medium armor set. It has good statistics all-around, with reasonable physical reduction and magical reduction.

Then, talk to Sellen in the Grand Library. You will get the Glintstone Kris, a relatively strong Magical dagger with high intelligence scaling. She will also add Shard Spiral to the her shop, a fairly potent Glintstone Sorcery.

You can reset the area to watch her very, very unfortunate transformation. She’s become an Arcane Orb. You can still talk with her to get spells and any sorceries that you’ve given to her.

In addition, she’ll drop the Witch’s Glinstone Crown. This helm reduces stamina quite greatly, but buffs Intelligence and Arcane by +3. Good for a mixed build!

That’s not all! Revisit the bodies of the Primeval Sorcerers. You’ll get both of their sets. These are very lightweight sets with very good non-physical negation statistics. Lusat’s set has an additional piece of armor. They’re both around the same power, but Lusat’s set has the highest Magical Resistance in the game.

Help Jerren

If you choose to invade Sellen’s world and help the Witch-Hunter, the fight will be similarly simple. Sellen is a competent mage, but any physical weapon will destroy her instantly.

You will gain the Witch’s Glintstone Crown and Sellen’s Bell Bearing. You can give the Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husk.

Talk with Jerren outside of the grand library. He will give you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. This is a crucial item, as it will allow you to improve a generic weapon to +25.

Afterwards, you can kill him to get his set. This is only really for completionists. The set isn’t that special.

Lusat and Azur will not drop their armor set for you if you side with Jerren.


You’re basically weighing an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone against the Glintstone Kris, Shard Spiral, Azur’s Set, and Lusat’s Set. If you’re not a mage, then Jerren’s route is probably preferable. However, if you’re interested in magic at all, Sellen’s route will give you better spells and better Intelligence scaling items.