Elden Ring Seluvis Questline | Full Walkthrough

The Three Sisters is one of the most popular areas of Elden RingIt is not only home to the Ranni questline, but to multiple characters’ lifespans as well! Because of this, it’s good to know what you can do up here, since there are a ton of different rewards out here. One of them who is very shady is the Preceptor Seluvis and his weird questline. He has some of the most unique summons and sorceries, though… So, if you’re interested in completing the game or finding some neat rewards, you should indulge him. Let’s help Seluvis complete his questline!

How to Complete the Seluvis Questline in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Seluvis Questline

The Seluvis questline begins by talking with the old wizard at the bottom of Ranni’s tower. Ranni’s tower is accessible after you clear the Caria Manor. Once you speak with his shade, he will head south to the bottom tip, where Seluvis’s Rise is located. Talk with him to receive his first quest, which is to feed Seluvis’s Potion to Nepheli Loux.

You must complete a significant amount of the Nepheli Loux questline. Use the above link to find out when and where you’re allowed to use his potion.

You may either feed it to Nepheli, allow Gideon Ofnir to take the potion for you, or feed the potion to Dung Eater near the end of his questline.

Either way, the Preceptor will now be convinced you are on his side. Talk with him to go into the next part of his quest.

Seluvis’s Basement

Elden Ring Seluvis Questline Basement

Head into Seluvis’s hidden chambers near Ranni’s Rise. It is under an invisible floor northeast of the Witch’s tower. Interact with the glowing golden message at the back right of the dungeon. Then, head back to Seluvis to confront him about it.

Now, you’ll be able to spend Starlight Shards in order to purchase his sorceries and his puppets. These shards are located all over the map, usually by altars or half-bowl statues.

If the shop doesn’t seem to be working, drop a Starlight Shard or find a new one.

You’ll notice that one of his puppets may be a character that you’ve fed the potion to. Feeding the potion to either Nepheli Loux or Dung Eater will unlock their Puppet’s Summon Ashes, but lock you out of getting the other one. That means you’ll need to do New Game+ if you want to get both of them!

Purchase them until he allows you to talk with him again. He wants to turn a demigod into a puppet, which will require the Amber Starlight Shard.

The Amber Starlight Shard

Elden Ring Amber Starlight

To find this shard, go from the Atlus Highway Junction Sight of Grace, near the bridge into the Capital on the west side. Ride close to the bridge, then head north. In the little forested area, you should find a small cave. There will be a statue surrounded by land octopi. Kill them or not, collect the Amber and head back to Seluvis.

For getting him the Amber Starlight, you’ll get the Magic Scorpion Charm, a talisman that’s great for magic-focused builds.

Finishing the Seluvis Questline

Elden Ring Seluvis Questline End

Reload the area – we suggest saving, quitting, and reloading – to see that he has made the Amber Draught. Collect the Draught and head up to Ranni.

When you give the potion to Ranni, she’ll wake up. She is not entirely pleased that Seluvis thought that he’d be able to trick her. And unfortunately, she’s never heard of “don’t shoot the messenger.”

Recollect your runes and you’ll see that she’s gone now, as is Iji. If you wish to continue Ranni’s questline, you’ll need to bring Celestial Dew to the Church of Vows, because that’ll reset your sins. Unlike Nepheli Loux or Dung Eater, this will allow you to continue Ranni’s questline even after your betrayal.

Seluvis will be found dead in his tower. You may interact with his corpse to purchase items.

Pidia, Carian Servant

One last thing. You can drop down from the south-eastern cliff, right above the Lower Chapel Site of Grace. Here you will find Pidia, an Albaunaric. He will sell you some items, including a map to help you narrow down the Amber Starlight. He sells a Larval Tear, Celestial Dew, Ritual Pot, and some great crafting items.

When Seluvis is dead, you can head back to Pidia to finish his questline. Well, some puppets will finish Pidia’s questline for you.

You can kill Pidia to either get the Nepheli Loux Puppet or the Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet, depending on if Nepheli drank the potion.