Elden Ring Sewer Gaol Location | How to Reach

Throughout your time in Elden Ring, you’ll come across a variety of items you won’t use at first. One of these is the Sewer-Gaol Key, given to you by the ill-named Dung Eater at Roundtable Hold. To use this, you’ll need to proceed deep within the game till you reach the base of the Erdtree. From there, you’ll be able to enter the Sewer Gaol. We’ll show you how to reach this dark location.

How to Reach the Sewer Gaol in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Reach Sewer Gaol

The Sewer Gaol is located near the Underground Roadside Site of Grace, underneath Leyndell, the Royal Capital. You’ll be coming across a number of enemies when attempting to reach Dung Eater’s gaol. These include the hulking omens, rats, poisonous sprouts, and the crawling fingercreepers. If you ingore these foes, you should be able to reach the general gaol location without a scratch.

Commence your journey at the aforementioned Underground Roadside grace site. Exit the room to turn left, where you’ll run past two omens. What you’re looking for is a sewer grate that’s halfway open on the ground. Find it, then jump down into the sewer tunnels. Proceed straight down the tunnel while evading the rats to eventually turn left toward the sprouts. You’ll get a touch of poison buildup, but continue on running until you reach the giant sprout and a ladder. Ascend the ladder to reach the Sewer Gaol entrance.

This is the general area for the Sewer Gaol, which leads to the real Dung Eater locked behind bars. However, a Fingercreeper along with three lesser ones must be slain before you can walk up to him. Defeat them, then you’re free to use the Sewer Gaol Key to unlock the room with the unhinged Dung Eater.

The Dung Eater appears at the Roundtable Hold, making him an essential Tarnished to interact with. He’s in the room with all of the rotting corpses and flies by the Twin Maiden Husks, and we have a full walkthrough for his questline detailed right here for you to check out.

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