Elden Ring Snap Gesture | Where to Use Emote

Early into Elden Ring you’ll be given the Snap Gesture. This will probably be your first clue that some emotes actually serve unique functions. In this case, Kale the Merchant encourages you to use the Snap emote in a specific location. Where should it be used, and what happens after you use it? Read on to find out.

Where to Use the Snap Gesture in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Where to Use Snap gesture emote

The Snap Gesture given to you by Merchant Kale needs to be used in the Mistwood Ruins. You’ll find the ruins in the center of the Mistwood forest, southwest of the Minor Erdtree, right off the main path. Using the Snap emote at this location will draw the attention of Blaidd the Half-Wolf. You’ll want to meet with Blaidd as soon as you can, because he’s a critical part of one of the game’s main questlines.

Of course, you may not know that detail if you’re just starting out in Elden Ring. The Snap Gesture itself is given to you after a seemingly random event: Your first time visiting Mistwood. Though you may not have noticed at the time, you likely heard a howling in the distance. The next time you return to the Church of Ellah, Kale the Merchant will mention this howling, then give you the Snap Gesture.

Mistwood Ruins Location

Elden Ring Mistwood Ruins location map

After that, you’ll need to head to the Mistwood Ruins. You can see its location highlighted in the map image above. Once you arrive, look around carefully and you’ll be able to spot Blaidd perched atop a crumbling wall. Use the Snap Gesture like you would use any other gesture, and Blaidd will jump down. Afterward, you’ll be able to speak with him.

Blaidd has his own smaller questline, but plays a more important role in the Ranni questline. For now, make sure you accept his request to track down and destroy Bloodhound Knight Darriwil at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. After Darriwil is defeated, Blaidd will mention a blacksmith in Liurnia. This blacksmith is the giant War Counselor Iji, and mentioning Blaidd will unlock the Carian Filigreed Crest in his inventory.

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