Elden Ring Speckled Hardtear | How to Get

Every player in Elden Ring needs some sort of boost or resistance to help during a fight. Thankfully, Crystal Tears can bestow such gifts — that is, if you know where to find them. The Speckled Hardtear gives you a resistance boost while healing all status aliments you may have accumulated. But you’ll need to slay a certain boss at the base of a Minor Erdtree before you can get your hands on it.

How to Get the Speckled Hardtear in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Get the Speckled Hardtear

In order to get the Speckled Hardtear, you must defeat Wormface at the Minor Erdtree within the Altus Plateau area. He’ll be near the Woodfolk Ruins, and he’s not hard to miss. As soon as you approach him, he’ll rise from the ground and will begin to come after you. You’ll have to deal with this monstrosity if you are to obtain the Crystal Tear in question.

How to Defeat Wormface

The Wormface is a slender and grotesque being that has a swarm of worms protruding through its white hood. But despite his horrendous appearance, he’s not a very difficult boss to defeat. In fact, he’s noticeably slow in his movements, which can be easily avoided with a gallop from Torrent or a couple of backsteps.

Elden Ring Wormface for Speckled Hardtear

His close-range attacks include a head smash to the ground if you get too close; a stomp if you’re right by his legs; worm production that exudes down onto you like rain. Additionally, he’ll try to scoop you up every now and then as well, where he’ll basically start to eat you for a few seconds. And since he’s a freakish beast of the woods, he can inflict death blight upon you if you come into contact with his woodland gas. If your death blight meter fills up, you will instantly die on the spot.

As expected for long-range attacks with Wormface, he’ll shoot worms at you if you’re keeping your distance. But thanks to the trees and the nearby ruins, his shots are essentially worthless if you’re using the environments to your advantage.

However, he performs this ultimate charge attack where he can impale you on a spike if you’re not careful. You can spot this attack when it looks like he’s staring at the ground when actually he’s revving up a dangerous pile of worms to send onto you. This one move of Wormface’s can bring you to your doom, so it’s best to simply get away from him.

You’ll also need to be wary of the tree enemies that rise from the ground to join the fight. Fortunately, this area allows you to summon Spirits to help you out. They’ll be decent distractions for both Wormface and his tree troops, giving you open windows to strike from behind and deal incredible damage.

Once Wormface is defeated, you’ll be rewarded with both the Speckled Hardtear and the Crimsonspill Crystal Tear. You’ll also receive 10,000 Runes. The Speckled Hardtear heals all ailments and provides +90 to all resistances — Madness, Frost, Death, Scarlet Rot, Sleep, and Poison. Just be wary of the timer, as the buff only lasts for three minutes. On the other hand, the Crimsonspill Crystal Tear will temporarily raise your maximum HP by +10% for three minutes..

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