Elden Ring Spirit Ashes | How to Summon

FromSoftware has created a new world to explore and conquer in Elden Ring. For beginners and veterans, this game works relatively the same way as previous Soulslike titles. There are plenty of important items to find hidden throughout the realm, chief among which are Spirit Ashes. These Spirit companions act as summons that help you out in combat. However, before you can summon your own allies, you’ll need to track down an important key item.

How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Summon Spirit Ashes

In order to summon Spirit Ashes, you’ll have to find a Spirit-Caller’s Ash, then use the Spirit Calling Bell to conjure it. Spirit Ashes themselves are obtained by either exploring The Lands Between or defeating certain enemies. Once in your possession, you can assign a Spirit Ash into one of the slots in your Pouch. Then, you can use the Pouch to summon any Spirit Ash you like.

However, you can’t simply summon Spirit Ashes anywhere you choose. Quite correspondingly to its name, the only way to summon them is to be near a rebirth monument. You can find them near popular points of interest and nearly every boss encounter.

Keep in mind that you can’t summon Spirit Ashes immediately. You must be visited by Renna at the Church of Ellah and be given the Spirit Calling Bell. This will happen shortly after the Maiden presents you with Torrent, your new mount. If she doesn’t show up, rest at the site, and she should spawn by then.

Renna will ask about your newly acquired Steed. If you tell her you’ve been entrusted with it, she’ll in turn entrust you with the Spirit Calling Bell, used summon Spirit Ashes. In addition to the Bell, Renna will also bestow upon you the Lone Wolf Ashes, your very first summon.

While these Ashes can be a life-saver during a fight, they can only be summoned once per rebirth monument. If they are defeated in combat, you’ll have to reset the monument by resting at a Site of Grace. Indeed, they are a great feature that aids in action, but you can only summon these Spirit Ashes during offline play. This is meant to keep the gameplay fair as players will potentially battle other online Tarnished who are looking to cause some trouble.