Elden Ring Stars of Ruin | How to Get

There are so many Sorceries for you get your hands on in Elden Ring. From magma Sorceries to ice magic, you’ll have a surprising number of options to assail your foes with. That being said, some of these spells are locked behind questlines. And these spells can be absolute bangers. Stars of Ruin is a primeval Sorcery that, while not horrifically powerful, can serve as a good defensive tool in a pinch. It also looks pretty neat! So, if you’re wanting to get some extra Sorceries, we can help you find this one!

How to Get Stars of Ruin Sorcery in Elden Ring

How to Get Stars of Ruin Sorcery in Elden Ring

In order to get the Stars of Ruin sorcery in Elden Ring, you’re going to need to complete part of Sorceress Sellen’s questline. She gives you access to the Sellian Sealbreaker, which you’ll need to get this Sorcery. Once you have the Sealbreaker, head to the Church of the Plague site of grace in Caelid and head northeast until you get behind a headstone guarded by a club-wielding Wizard. Behind that is an illusionary wall, and at the bottom of that map is the magical seal that holds the sorcerer you’re looking for.

Sorceress Sellen Questline

Unfortunately, to get there, we’re going to need to start with Sorceress Sellen. You can find her in Eastern Limgrave, in the Waypoint Ruins to the west of the lake, in the underground area of that ruin. She is a basic Sorceries teacher that you can give scrolls to.

Before you can continue her questline, you’ll need to find the Master Azur. He teaches you Comet Azur and unlocks the next part of her quest. Check out our Comet Azur guide to get the the sorcerer easily!

Once you’ve met Azur, head back to Sellen. She’ll be excited, and ask you to find the other master, Lusat.

Finding Lusat

Head to Caelid. If you haven’t yet reached the Church of Plague, our Millicent questline guide can help you find it. Otherwise, it’s in eastern Caelid, through Sellia, Town of Sorcery. From the church, head almost directly northeast. Once you find this big headstone with a wizard guarding it, you’re there! Break through the fake rock in front of it to get through to the Sellia Hideaway.

Elden Ring Stars of Ruin

The Hideaway has quite a few different items within it. You’ll have to break through a few illusory walls to get into the proper area. To find specifically Sorcerer Lusat, head forwards through the dungeon, hitting two illusory walls on your way.

You’ll then find yourself in a wide open area. Lusat is located in the deeper parts of the dungeon. To get there, you can drop to the lowest part of the dungeon where you’ll have to fight a many-handed demon. If you go this way, defeat the Royal Revenant and head through the opening at the end of the walkway. This will bring you to the second half of the cave system, where you can walk on the crystals to bring you back down to the lower floor of the dungeon.

Alternatively, you can travel through the crystals on top of the dungeon. If you do this, simply travel across the crystals and through the caves until you reach a slightly deeper ravine area that curves around to the left. Find a safe way down by running down some crystals.

Elden Ring Sellia Hideaway barrier

If you see this barrier, then you’re in the right area!

Interact with the barrier to use your key. Enter the room and you’ll find the sorcerer who is chilling at the back of a cave. Interact with him until he gives you the Stars of Ruin spell.

Is Stars of Ruin a Good Sorcery?

Stars of Ruin will allow you to fire a volley of shooting stars. It is relatively expensive, requiring 38 FP per volley. It also requires 43 Intelligence to cast in the first place.

Overall, this is mostly a defensive spell that can break poise. Because the volley lasts a while, you can run at the enemy while they are getting hammered with magic for a safe approach. However, the damage is pretty mediocre, even at a full charge.

If you can afford to cast it, it can be a legitimately good option. It’s not a powerhouse like Comet Azur, but just a solid defensive option that lets you approach a dangerous situation.