Elden Ring Wakizashi | Where to Find

Elden Ring is home to over 300 weapons, all scattered across The Lands Between. As such, some of these weapons are going to be nearly impossible to locate. The Wakizashi is one of the best daggers in Elden Ring, providing high bleed for a dagger. It can also be dual-wielded with another katana. This weapon is interesting, but finding it can be a massive hassle. If you’re still searching for your off-handed dagger for a katana-based build, we can help you get there!

Where to Find Wakizashi in Elden Ring

Where to Find Wakizashi in Elden Ring

The Wakizashi is located deep within the Gaol Cave in Western Caelid. To find it, you must head through most of the dungeon, including opening the cell gates in the stone section of the dungeon. Once you’ve opened those, you will have to head deeper into it, looking at the left cell doors in the hallway. In one of the cells near the large, oval opening before the boss room, there will be three items. One of these is the Wakizashi.

The Wakizashi is in a room alongside a Stonesword Key and a Gold Rune. This is after a relatively large ambush of flaming corpses, after the stone room which allows you to open the cell doors. It is located on a slope, so ensure that you check the hallway before dropping down a large pit, after breaking a wooden wall.

This weapon is quite unique. While you can dual-wield it with other daggers, you can also do so with a katana. This also seems to increase the damage of the Wakizashi, making it feel as strong as a Katana. However, its terrible range will take quite a bit of getting used to. Like many Katanas or Daggers, this weapon gets the most use out of Keen and Quality builds. It should probably not be your only weapon, though its healthy bleed buildup does make it a valid option for a build-around. It is quick enough to be used in PvP, too!

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