Elden Ring Weathered Dagger | Who Is The Owner?

Despite being a Soulslike RPG, Elden Ring has its fair share of mysterious side quests. One of earliest you’ll bump into is also one of shortest. Fia, the woman at Roundtable Hold who wants a hug at the expense of a recoverable Vigor point, will give you a Weathered Dagger once speaking to her after beating two Shardbearers. She will task you with returning it to its rightful owner, but gives no clue as to who that might be.

Who is the Owner of the Weathered Dagger?

Who Is the Owner of the Weathered Dagger?

You won’t need to travel far to find the owner of the Weathered Dagger. The intended recipient is D, Hunter of the Dead, found in the main room at Roundtable Hold. Though he doesn’t say the owner’s name, he does seem to know who it belongs to. Once you show him the item, he’ll offer this bit of dialog:

“Well, what have we here? How did you get your hands on that dagger? Well, that hardly matters. I know very well whose dagger that is. Why don’t I return it to them for you? Good work, bringing this to me.”

While this doesn’t reveal who the Weathered Dagger belongs to or where it came from, it seems to be a step in the right direction. With that done, you’ll need to leave Roundtable Hold and then come back to progress the quest.

Spoiler warning: If you are early in the game and do not wish to experience any spoilers, please be warned as this next portion does give some story-relevant information away.

So What Happens Next?

When you return to Roundtable Hold, D will be missing from the main room. To find him, go past the blacksmith and down the hallway through the open door. There you will find D dead by Fia’s hand. When you speak to her, she will declare the dagger has been returned to its rightful place, and offer a warning against the other members of Roundtable Hold.

After Fia leaves, you can claim D’s loot, which includes the complete Twinned Armor set and D’s Bell Bearing. The Twinned Armor set is a decent set for early game, and you’ll want to keep it safe, as it comes into play in a later side quest. And in case you didn’t buy out D’s stock of spells before his demise, you can give his Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks. Doing so will unlock The Litany of Proper Death and the Order’s Blade Incantations.

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