Elden Ring Whetblade Locations | Where to Find

One of the many ways to improve your weapons in Elden Ring is through the use of a Whetblade. There are five in total to be found, with each of them granting access to specific affinities. These allow you to tailor weapons and armaments toward your focus stats. However, you’ll also need to find the Whetstone Knife just to be able to assign affinities and Ashes in the first place. Keep reading to learn where to find all Whetblades and unlock every weapon affinity in Elden Ring.

Where To Find All Whetblades in Elden Ring

Where To Find All Whetblades in Elden Ring

Whetstone Knife

This item is practically a gimme; you may have even stumbled upon it by accident. The Whetstone Knife can be found very early, as it’s located in the underground area of southeastern Gatefront Ruins. However, unlike other proper Whetblades, the Whetstone Knife doesn’t unlock any affinities. Instead, it unlocks the ability to change affinities and add Ashes of War to weapons. Naturally, you’ll want to make this your first stop.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, you can swap out Ashes of War by resting at a Site of Grace. Ashes of War can be assigned and reassigned at-will, so don’t be shy about trying out new battle arts. In doing so, you’ll notice that your weapon’s affinity will change. That’s where the remaining Whetblades come in: They allow you to set both your Ash of War and your weapon’s affinity to your choosing.

Iron Whetblade

The Iron Whetblade is located within Stormveil Castle. To get it, you’ll need to spend one Stonesword Key. As for getting there, that’s simple. From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, ride the elevator down. You will see a courtyard to the left of the room being guarded by a Grafted Scion. Disperse the fog using the Stonesword Key and you’ll come to an armory with a corpse sitting in front of the fire. Loot the corpse for the Iron Whetblade.

This item will allow you to add the Heavy, Keen, and Quality affinities to a weapon. Heavy will add onto the weapon’s Strength scaling at the cost of all other stat scaling. Keen adds to Dexterity at the cost of Strength and base damage. Lastly, Quality adds a small amount to both Dexterity and Strength, but at the cost of base damage.

Glintstone Whetblade

Glintstone Whetblade

You can find the Glintstone Whetblade within Raya Lucaria Academy. To start, make your way to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. Turn and head outside toward the courtyard. Just outside the exit, toward the left, you’ll spot a staircase that leads up to some Noble Sorcerers kneeling. The Whetblade is in the room the Nobles are kneeling in front of.  Fight your way inside the room, being careful of the nearby mages, then turn to the right. Near the entryway you’ll find a corpse draped over the balcony railing. Loot the Glintstone Whetblade from this body.

This Whetblade can add Magic or Cold affinities to your weapons, both of which will add to Intelligence scaling. Should you choose to add Magic damage, it will reduce Strength, Dexterity and Base Damage. On the flip side, choosing Cold will add Frostbite buildup to attacks, but at the cost of all other stat scaling.

Red-Hot Whetblade

Red-Hot Whetblade

The fiery Red-Hot Whetblade is located within Redmane Castle. Keep in mind, in order to reach the room containing this Whetblade, you must not be in the middle of the Radahn Festival portion of Ranni’s questline. However, if you either reach it beforehand or come back afterward, you can then access the room.

Starting from the Chamber Outside the Plaza Site of Grace, just run past the fire-tossing enemies on the left-hand side and you’ll be on the path directly toward this room. It’s worth noting that an Iron Maiden enemy will ambush you as you approach the area, so be ready.

The Red-Hot Whetblade can add either Fire or Flame Art to a weapon. While seemingly similar, they bestow different bonuses to your weapon. The Fire Affinity simply adds Fire Damage to your weapon at the cost of reduced scaling across the board. Flame Art, however, add Fire Damage to a lesser extent and increases Faith scaling.

Black Whetblade

Black Whetblade

The Black Whetblade will be the hardest one to find by far. It is located in Nokron, specifically in the Night’s Sacred Ground. This area won’t open until you defeat Starscourge Radahn, who is an optional boss in Elden Ring. If you haven’t fought him yet, you can cheese him easily by using Rotten Breath. However, if he’s already been defeated, your work is nearly done.

To reach this Whetblade, start in Nokron. You’ll have to run across the rooftops towards the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. From here, you should see large, broken statues near some stairs, you should be able to jump down onto a dome roof and make your way to a large balcony with a Silver Tear enemy. Past here is a dilapidated arch, which will lead into the room where you can find the Black Whetblade in front of the altar.

This item can add Poison, Blood, or Occult affinities to your weapons. Occult increases Arcane at the cost of all other scaling, while Blood does the same except it adds Bleed buildup damage as well. Poison, however, adds not only Poison Damage, but increases the Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane scaling.

Sanctified Whetblade

The Sanctified Whetblade can be found in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Starting from the Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace, make your way outdoors, heading towards the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, and look for the tree leaning towards the building. On the right side of the tree is a wooden path that will lead you into the crumbling portion of the manor. Just inside in front of a small stairway is the Sanctified Whetblade.

This final Whetblade can be used to add Lightning or Sacred affinities to a weapon. Sacred will add Holy Damage and increase Faith scaling, but will decrease base damage. Lightning will add Lightning Damage and add Dexterity scaling, but decrease base damage and Strength scaling.

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