Elden Ring Witchbane Ruins Location | Where to Find

If you’re wondering where the Witchbane Ruins are located in Elden Ring, you won’t have to look far. This small location is home to a few resources and enemies that only require casual slaying and looting. But these ruins also hold a version of Sellen that players will need to discover for a quest that involves the magic merchant.

Where to Find Witchbane Ruins in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Where to Find Witchbane Ruins

The Witchbane Ruins are located within the Weeping Peninsula region near the western shore. The location is directly south of the Fourth Church of Marika. You easily travel here by foot or on horseback, and you won’t run into any heavy enemies. This location also holds away a chained-up Sorceress Sellen, who is just a version of the magical merchant that you meet in the Waypoint Ruins of Limgrave. She’ll be deep within the dungeon of the Ruins, along with a blue Ambush Shard that can shoot enemies from behind.

Sorceress Sellen is in peril, sort of. When you initially come across Sellen, she’ll act as a trading NPC who can essentially teach you magic. She’s definitely one of the more important characters that you can interact with, and her quests can unlock magical sorceries for you to use. However, it’s critical to consider which Sellen you run into first. Her actual body is locked away within the Witchbane Ruins, and you probably shouldn’t mess with that Sellen until you officially meet the merchant version. The imprisoned Sellen only acts as a quest point when you work with the Sorceress trader.

There’s not much you can do with the chained-up NPC, and any attempt to free her without the Primeval Glintstone will result in hostility. In other words, if you inadvertently strike her in some way, Sellen will then entirely disappear; that is unless you rectify your sins with a Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows.

It’s also just good to have a Celestial Dew on you in case of an emergency. This wonderful consumable basically squashes beef with NPCs by reversing estranged interactions and resurrecting deceased merchants. So, if worse comes to worst, get yourself one of these as a nice backup.

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