Elden Ring Yura Questline | Full Walkthrough

You may remember a certain non-playable character in Elden Ring. A specific figure who rushed to save you from a bloody finger, so determined to keep you safe. That man is Bloody Finger Hunter Yura. This samurai warrior appears in numerous places across Limgrave. He offers some advice to our Tarnished player, but is there more to him? Of course there is! Elden Ring can barely have an NPC without making them a full quest! So, let’s do his relatively short questline.

How to Complete the Yura Questline in Elden Ring

How to Complete the Yura Questline in Elden Ring

The Yura Questline begins when you interact with him, either in southwestern Limgrave, next to the Seaside Ruins Grace, or near Murkwater Cave in middle Limgrave, near the Ravine. In the first case, he is at a camp underneath a large overpass, and recommends that you do not fight the dragon. In the second case, he will help you fight off a Bloody Finger who tries to invade you while you ride through the bottom of the Ravine.

Once you meet him here, you’ll need to at least fight the Bloody Finger Nerijus near Murkwater Cave. Afterwards, head north to the overpass, where Yura will tell you about his duty of hunting Bloody Fingers. Exhaust his dialogue before the quest continues.

Note, meeting him southwest of Agheel Lake is not required for his story! As long as you let him help you fight the Bloody Finger in the Murkwater Ravine, you will be able to start your quest.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura Questline After Limgrave

Yura Questline Elden Ring Location 3

After Limgrave, you’ll find him at Raya Lucaria. Head north of the Main Gate Grace, past the magical barrier. He will be trying to Summon you to his world, where you can fight the Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. When you’re done, he should be where the Summon Sign was. This is how you can receive the Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists.

Now that the summon is defeated, you must head to the Second Church of Marika. This is on the Atlus Plateau, west of the Minor Erdtree in Eastern Atlus Plateau. You will be able to see the shape of the Church on your map. Talk to him to get the Nagakiba and to fight Bloody Finger Eleonora. This fight can happen with or without Yura, and will get you a cool weapon and a tear for your Wondrous Physick.

After this, you can have one last encounter with Yura. Yura will be found right next to the Zamor Ruins path of grace. Here, Yura has been corrupted by Shabriri, and will try to get the player to follow the path of the Frenzied Flame.

If you decide to embrace the Frenzied Flame, you can even summon the corrupted Yura to fight one of the game’s bosses! If you do this, make sure you do not cure your Frenzied Flame.

Killing him, or simply talking with him once you take on the Frenzied Flame, will drop the Ronin’s Set. This gear is a solid light armor option. In particular, the Iron Kasa is a relatively impressive helm with good weight to resistance ratios. You could do much worse.

Why Can’t I Find Yura?

Yura has one of the most strict questlines of Elden Ring. If you progress a little bit too far, Yura will be completely gone. His possession over-prioritizes quite a lot of events.

If you get to the Zamor Ruins site of grace on the Mountaintops of the Giants, you’ll obtain significantly less rewards. The rewards you will be able to get are as follows:

  • Nagakiba: This basic weapon will spawn in the last location that you talk with Yura. If you did not talk with Yura, then it’ll most likely be just north of the Murkwater Cave, underneath the overpass. Otherwise, it’ll be in Southwest Limgrave or near Raya Lucaria. Its location depends on whatever part of the quest you did last.
  • Eleonora’s Loot: You do not need to interact with Yura to get invaded by Bloody Finger Eleonora. She will still drop all of her items, including her really cool Dexterity-focused weapon. The Second Church will also get you a Sacred Tear, which is nice for healing and progression.