Elden Ring Zweihander | Where to Find

Every now and then in Elden Ring, your Tarnished will come across distinctive colossal weapons that can deal insane damage. But while many of their designs are more outlandish than the others, the Zweihander is one sword that truly stands out. As its name suggests, the Zweihander (German for ‘two-hander’) is one of the longest swords in the entire game. It scales greatly with Strength and Dexterity, making it an ideal blade for heavy-based combat. Here’s how you can get it for yourself.

Where to Find Zweihander in Elden Ring

Where to Find Zweihander in Elden Ring

The Zweihander can be purchased from the Isolated Merchant within his shack at the west end of the Weeping Peninsula. He’ll charge you 3,500 Runes for it, with a resale value of 100 Runes. You can upgrade this Colossal Sword with Smithing Stones and there are plenty of capable Ashes of War to infuse it with. Its weapon skill is the Stamp, the Upward Cut, which allows the wielder to perform a careful stance that can potentially prevent enemy recoil. Utilizing the skill will cost you FP 5(-8) to cast.

This elegant blade scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity at ‘D’ tiers for both. It will require the user to have Strength 19 and Dexterity 11 to properly use it. This makes it a worthy weapon to equip if you’re working on either a Barbarian or Paladin build for tanks.

Back already? Unusual fellow, aren’t we? Did this aged merchant have something that caught your eye?” – Isolated Merchant

In addition to the sword in question, the Isolated Merchant can offer other items as well. Some of the more essential items that you can buy from him are the Lantern, a Stonesword Key, Lost Ashes of War, Sacrificial Twig, and info on the Walking Mausoleums. Of course, you can slay him to obtain his Bell Bearing, but that route is entirely optional. You can simply purchase the sword from him and be on your way. Just be sure to bring the Bell Bearing back to the Twin Maiden Husks to gain access to the Isolated Merchant’s shop.

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