Elder Scrolls Online | How to Use Mounts

Traversing the vast open world of Elder Scrolls Online is no easy feat, meaning mounts often come in handy. These are certain types of animals which you can ride to get across the world much faster. Not only do they cut down on the time spent traveling, but they’re also a way to show off the wealth you’ve amassed. If you’re sick of walking around on your feet the entire time, join us as we look at how to use a mount in Elder Scrolls Online.

How to Use Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online

How to Use Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online

The good news is that using a mount in Elder Scrolls Online is broadly straightforward. You don’t need a special perk or any exclusive gear; just the right mount on front of you. The first mount you unlock is a Sorrel Horse at level 10, which you can select as your active mount and ride to speed up your travels.

As such, using a mount in Elder Scrolls Online requires little more than you selecting a steed in the menu, and equipping it. From the game menu go to Collections, then choose an animal as your active mount. You can then summon it at any time by pressing H on PC, the touch pad on PlayStation, or the back button on Xbox. If your mount is alive and well, it’ll come towards you.

Even better, you can purchase a range of mounts to shake things up. Head to any of the merchants within a stable, and you can purchase one of the mounts for gold. Then you can switch out your active mount in the aforementioned menu, and beckon them as desired. Equally, if you want to become a more efficient rider, every twenty hours you can upgrade your Riding Skill. It costs 250 gold, and tweaks stats like speed, stamina, and the amount of items your mount can carry.

Mounts are crucial to getting around quickly in Elder Scrolls Online – and luckily they’re very easy to find.