Elle Fanning Leads The Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding may have received mixed reactions on launch, but it’s still a fan favorite. After all, what better mind to give full creative control over a game than Kojima himself? Though the response may have been mixed, a sequel has been confirmed. And now we know that Elle Fanning will be at the head of it. Though the sequel has been in discussion over social media for some time, this name drop is possibly the biggest detail that Kojima has given yet. His games have never been short on star power, but Elle Fanning’s presence is drawing a particular amount of attention and intrigue.

Elle Fanning In Death Stranding

After parting with Konami, Hideo Kojima’s first big release was Death Stranding in 2019. Though the gameplay invited a lot of criticism, the game’s presentation was impressive, to say the least, and is leading to a full-blown sequel. Leading man Norman Reedus will be returning as main character Same Bridges and will be joined by Elle Fanning, whose role has yet to be revealed. Details of the sequel were originally revealed in discussions with Reedus himself and are now being further developed. Forbes describes that when Kojima presented an enigmatic face close-up as part of the game’s teaser, people were quickly able to determine that it was the face of a renowned actress, Elle Fanning. Details about her role have yet to be shared and Fanning herself has not fully disclosed anything either.

Death Stranding was an experimental project in its purest sense that lead to a unique gaming experience. In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by rain that rapidly ages everything it touches as well as supernatural ghost-like beings, only Porters are brave and skilled enough to risk traveling across the surface. The first game followed Sam Bridges as he attempted to set up a network among the different settlements scattered across the US. His journey led him to be involved in matters of politics, internal conflict, and whatever lies beyond the mortal plane. It’s likely the sequel will further develop this new universe and the characters within it.

Hideo Kojima took a risk with Death Stranding and it has apparently paid off to warrant a sequel that many are following closely. With Elle Fanning’s involvement, having not been on the big screen as much recently, the sequel will draw even more attention.