Epic Games Store Offers Two Hellish Freebies This October

There are a number of ways to ring in the spooky month which is October. One of the most generous is by giving away things for free. That’s why Epic Games has decided to celebrate by making two hellish titles free to download starting next week. With Halloween around the corner, Epic has chosen two titles sure to deliver a hellish experience. Expect these games to offer a fair amount of challenge. Get ready to fight your way through nightmarish realms and the numerous monstrosities that inhabit them — but move fast, because these games will only stick around for one week.

Epic Games Store | Free Games for October 2022

The latest upcoming free games offered through the Epic Games Store are Rising Hell and Slain: Back From Hell. They’ll be free to download starting October 6, and will remain available for free until October 13.

Mythology and fairy tales contain numerous stories about beings escaping from Hell or the underworld. Another story to add to the library is that of Rising Hell developed by Tahoe Games and published by Toge Productions. This 2D pixel adventure puts you in the role of one of several warriors trying to escape Hell. Victory means using combat skills and abilities to climb the ever-changing shaft leading out of the horrifying realm. You’ll be platforming all the way up through breakable objects and vicious demons hell-bent on keeping you trapped. You’ll likely fall multiple times, but don’t worry, the rogue-lite elements will give you a chance between climbs.

Beyond escaping Hell, another theme is the story of folks being revived after being sent to the underworld. Thus enters the title Slain: Back From Hell, developed by Steel Mantis and published by Digerati. As Bathoryn, it’s up to you to redeem yourself by defeating six hellish overworlds that dominate the realm. This 2D hack-and-slash gives you elemental attacks and several weapon types to slay your foes. Should you die, you’ll come back again — hopefully more cautious and wiser for the ordeals ahead.

These games will be available to download from Epic Games between October 6 and October 13. Be sure to mark the dates on your calendars for a hell of a time.