Epic Kicks Off New Year 2023 With Three Free Games

The generous spirit lingers after the big holiday season thanks to the generosity of online platforms. Among them is the Epic Games Store, which has a huge library of games to offer players. In fact, many of them are given away for free. Now, Epic’s service is offering three free games for PC players to download until January 19. Remember, this is an ongoing offer throughout the year with titles both old and new cycling in and out. Use this opportunity to grab these games before a new trio of titles replaces them.

Epic Games Store Free Games for January 2023

Epic Store Free Games January 2023 - Divine Knockout
Divine Knockout

For January 2023, the Epic Games store is giving away Gamedec: Definitive Edition, First Class Trouble, and Divine Knockout.

Gamedec: Definitive Edition

There’s always room for more mystery in life, and a good place to start is in Gamedec: Definitive Edition. The game has you playing as an investigator in the far cyberpunk future. This is a world where gaming has become incredibly advanced and immersive, literally drawing people into a virtual world. Gamedecs are game detectives who are called to investigate unusual happenings in the virtual world. You’ll be sent on cases involving hackers and other virtual criminals that may be part of an even greater mystery. Use your wits, and deductive abilities to find the truth and the best solution for each problem.

First Class Trouble

In addition to the popularity of cyberpunk, there’s also the ongoing popularity of sci-fi and technology. First Class Trouble captures that while also focusing on the idea of the things that could go wrong. Luxury spaceship cruises are now a thing and you are a passenger trying to enjoy your trip. When problems start to arise, it’s revealed that there’s a dangerous AI threatening the entire ship. You, along with other players and bot passengers, must work to shut down the AI. Be warned though, some of the passengers are actually hostile robots out to stop you.

Divine Knockout

Despite being a relatively new release, Divine Knockout wants to give plenty of players a chase to experience it. This PvP game takes place in the divine realm where only the strongest will prevail. Choose the deity of your choice as you enter the 3D chibi battle arena to unleash your godly powers. It’s a god-eat-god world, so try to make your way to the top of the food chain.