Epic Teases An FPS Mode For Fortnite

Epic Teases An FPS Mode For Fortnite

It looks like Fortnite could be angling for new audiences. Shortly after the game launched, its unique battle royale design effectively led to the creation of a whole new genre. All these years later and it continues to have a solid player and support with new seasons, content, events, and themes. It stood out for its stylistic appearance and third-person perspective, which made it accessible to all sorts of players. However, it’s rumored that Epic Games could be targeting a different kind of player by introducing a new first-person mode. Shooters have been portrayed from all angles, but first-person dominates some of the most popular titles. Now, it may be in the future of Fortnite, too.

Fortnite FPS Potential

Fortnite‘s biggest selling points are its colorful vibe and gameplay mechanics involving destruction and crafting. As its community has continued to grow, the game has evolved to compensate with all sorts of expansions. It remains a free-to-play game with a majority of its revenue coming from dynamic cosmetic purchases that cover all aspects of a player’s avatar. However, with the possibility of an Fortnite FPS mode, these aesthetics may become less important. It may also mark a decision to open up the game’s competitive nature while designing gameplay tailored more towards shooting.

Even if it is implemented, it’s likely that it will come with its own battle royale mode. The gameplay that defined Fortnite is having a free-for-all between players. Up to 100 competitors drop onto a diverse island where they all fight to be the last person standing. Working either solo or in teams, players roam the area, picking up gear and weapons in hopes of improving their chances of winning. They also have the option to harvest resources from their surroundings so that they can make defenses or “forts” on the fly to provide instant protection out in the open.

Fortnite is in the middle of Chapter Three, with Season Three having started earlier this month on June 5. Each one comes with a whole new set of items and rewards to earn. However, the types of players that’ll tune in could change drastically if Fortnite FPS ends up happening.

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