Escape From Tarkov Audit Quest | How to Complete

The highly anticipated Streets of Tarkov map was finally introduced in the most recent Escape From Tarkov wipe. Though a little buggy at launch, this new massive map set with long narrow roads and high rises certainly met the expectations of the community. As a result, many USECs and Bears have been enjoying Streets PvP and diving into its new quests. One of the new Streets missions that are posing a challenge for players is the Audit Quest. If you need help with this quest, read on to find out how it’s done.

How to Complete Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov

How to Complete Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov

You’ll unlock the Audit Quest in Escape From Tarkov once you hit level 17. This quest for Ragman will task you with obtaining and extracting a set of financial records from the new Streets of Tarkov map. The main challenge is locating these records and thusly extracting from the raid with them in one piece. If you grab the records and then die, you’ll have to start the Audit quest all over again. But that’s Tarkov.

To find the financial records for the Audit Quest, you need to locate the yellow building that’s down the street on your left-hand side from the Sewer River Extract. It will be a two-story yellow building at the end of the road that’s quite difficult to miss. Facing the building from the streets, you can find the financial records in the top right side. To get there, enter the building, go up the stairs, and turn right. Then head into the first door on your right-hand side, which doesn’t require a key to be unlocked.

You can find the financial records hidden in the folders on the floor, which are directly right as you enter the room. However, because of the new dynamic tasking implemented in Streets, it is possible that it will spawn on the desk or other areas of the room. Regardless, it will be in that room. Because the Sewer River Extract is right next to you, this is the best way to get away with these documents. That is why we recommend attempting the Audit quest when this is one of your extracts. As it will give you the best chance for success.

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