Evil West Life Support Perk | Where to Find

Vampire slayer Jesse Rentier is always in need of a boost when it comes to combat in Evil West. The vicious and bloodthirsty hordes that charge toward his way can bring the pain to the next level, with only a few weapons to rely on. Even though the enemies will get tougher, so can Jesse through upgrades and perks that the players can administer. This guide will go over the hidden Life Support perk which can be found later in the game.

Where to Find the Life Support Perk in Evil West

Where to Find the Life Support Perk in Evil West

The Life Support perk is hiding in Chapter 13: Old Friends. You’ll find it when Jesse enters another mine while in search of Chester Morgan’s immoral deeds and vampire lord Peter D’Abano. It’ll be in a chest toward the left side of the area, away from the main journey. Simply look toward the ceiling and shoot down the planks to create a pathway. They will lead you to the chest containing the Life Support perk.

All this occurs when Jesse runs into a breakable wall while implying that you can take it down “with a bang”. It’s another mine that he’s investigating, with hazardous liquid spilling in the way. The path to the hidden perk is met with temporary platforms that can sustain Jesse for only a little bit. Staying put on a platform will cause it to slowly sink, causing Jesse pain from the deadly liquid.

The mine not only holds the Life Support perk but also a few boxes with bucks that you can loot. Between the platforms and planks will be steady humps of rocks that provide safety from the killer pool. Use these to regenerate your health and avoid any further contact with the illuminating water.

Upon acquiring the Life Support perk, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a worthwhile addition to Jesse’s arsenal. This particular upgrade is located under the Gauntlet page for Perks in the menu, at the very bottom, and as the last available perk. Your gauntlet can now replenish your health at a slow rate, ultimately reaching capacity after 90 seconds.

There’s no doubt that the Life Support perk is a fantastic improvement that greatly helps on the battlefield. Instead of relying on health pickups and your rechargeable pack, you can now depend on this perk to keep you going.

Remember, you can always reset your perks if your current lineup isn’t up to par with the ferocious hordes of vampires of Evil West.