Evil West Respec | How to Reset Perks

Jesse Rentier is one tough son of a gun in Evil West. Armed with deadly gauntlets and firearms, the gunslinging hero goes through hell to wipe away the vampire threats that lurk in the world. After a couple of missions, you start to grasp a solid feeling of how swift the combat is, allowing you to mix up special attacks for some bloody executions. But what if you want to try out some new perks through the respec option? This is actually feasible, but you might have to wait a bit before you can respec in Evil West.

How to Reset Perks in Evil West

How to Reset Perks in Evil West

Caution: The following guide contains early spoilers for Evil West. Please read at your own discretion.

Vergil Onley at the Calico Rentier Institute outpost is the one to go to for resetting perks. Although it’s not directly through him, it’s his technology that allows you to respec within his laboratory. Simply approach the blue illuminating respec device and interact with it to reset your perks. This occurs after the From Dusk Til Dawn story mission, when the vampires infiltrate and blow up the Rentier Institute, setting the ultimate chain of events to occur. The game will also tell inform you of the respec option upon entering the Calico outpost.

No need to worry about spending any bucks on it, though. While you do spend perk points on skills and bucks on upgrades, you won’t be spending any money here for any resets. Perhaps it’s because Jesse Rentier is the main man of the story, and he receives superior assistance since his name is on the building. So, if you’re concerned about not possessing enough funds in order to reset your perks, Evil West will gladly be of service for a respec, free of charge.

As aforementioned, respeccing occurs after the From Dusk Till Dawn mission, which is fairly early in the narrative, acting as mission 4. If you’re curious about when this transpires, there’s no rush. By the time you’re ready to respec Jesse, the Calico location will be made available to you. Otherwise, you can always start up a new game to try out different skills and attack patterns if you’re not in the mood to reset any of Jesse’s skills.