Exil Is Heading To Kickstarter After 5 Years of Solo Development

Whether you have a team of hundreds or just one person, making a game is one of the hardest things to do and an interesting title has just hit a milestone. An independent dev was inspired to create Exil over five years ago and has finally reached a point where they can bring the project to Kickstarter. They’ve been keeping things quiet this whole time, but now players can see all the work and effort that has gone into this upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure. There’s still much to be done and Kickstarter will help it on its way to the finish line.

Hollow Knight And Cuphead Inspired Exil

There have been very influential 2D platformers with stylized and hand-drawn graphics. Hollow Knight and Cuphead are unarguably two of the biggest. The mind behind Mystic Clockwork Studio gained inspiration from these titles and began work on Exil. It’s a 2D hand-drawn post-apocalyptic platform. After quiet development for over five years, the developer feels confident enough to bring it to Kickstarter. A Twitter account for the game has recently become active showcasing clips of gameplay, cutscenes, environments, and animations. The campaign has yet to launch but it is quickly building support in its lead-up.

With a tag like “Metroidvania,” Exil aims to be an expansive platforming adventure. Players can look forward to exploring complex regions that players will have to fully explore. This will be necessary in order to make progress as well as find allpower-ups. Though the full story of Exil hasn’t been explored, clips show a small robotic hero running through a post-apocalyptic world. There’s also an emphasis on impressive attacks and dynamic fights with enemies of all sorts.

Exil has been in development for five years with Mystic Clockwork Studio driven by inspiration by games it hopes to share the stage with someday. Before that day comes, the Kickstarter campaign will need to be set up for launch. From what’s been revealed, players can already see this as a worthwhile investment.