Exploring Biomutant’s Vast Character Customization

The upcoming post-apocalyptic action RPG Biomutant has an extensive character customization system. Players can alter everything from head shape to fur style, leading to a character that’s truly honed to each person’s playstyle.

The first glimpse at Biomutant’s customization came in 2017, after the game’s presentation at PAX East. The footage revealed a hugely detailed stats system, where attributes like attack speed and range all have numbers. The protagonist’s physical appearance alters these stats. For example, if you give your character a bigger head, their intelligence and psychic ability stats increase accordingly.

Before that, players must decide which DNA strand their character will specialise in. These include skills like Strength, Charisma, Luck, and other classic RPG staples. Rather than just choosing one, players take elements from each strand to create a character completely adjusted to their style. These strands influence a character’s physical appearance too. For example, putting points into the Agility stat will make a character smaller and less physically imposing.

The main skill that players pick will influence the weapons at their disposal during the game. Developers Experiment 101 haven’t specified how this will work, but recent gameplay has displayed weapons like arrows, revolvers and knuckle-dusters. This ensures each player can take out post-apocalyptic enemies with the tools that suit their desires.

Of course, some of the customization options have less impact on in-game stats. As players can play as furry animals, the length and color of their fur is totally customisable. Footage has shown fur ranging from fluffy, to spiky, to matted, making sure each little creature has its own distinct appearance. Fur can also have different designs, with some characters looking spotty, and others having more normal fur.

With just weeks until its May 25, 2021 release, Biomutant is hotly anticipated. Recent footage shows it running on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, highlighting the world’s detailed and colorful design.