Fall Guys | How to Join a Party

The popular social knock-em-out game Fall Guys has made its way to the other digital realms with its free-playing service. And, as one would have it, the game offers party and cross-play options for players from all platforms. The game is purely a party experience, and anyone can link up if they have one specific connection in common. Folks, here’s how you can join a party in Fall Guys for its free-to-play launch onto PC and consoles.

How to Join a Party in Fall Guys

How to Join a Party in Fall Guys

As long as you have an Epic Games account attached to your Fall Guys title, you’ll be able to locate your gaming friends through the game’s main menu. The menu will respectively prompt you with the right command for you to acknowledge; therefore, giving you access to link up with your online pals.

To join a party, all you need to do is access the “Open Party” option to see who has invited you for a round of Fall Guys. A right-side menu will slide on through with your current active friends via the Epic Games Store.

As Epic fate would have it, four players are allowed into a singular squad, and it works smoothly as long as everyone has an Epic Games account to abide by. It’s highly likely that it’s connected to your Fortnite account if you neglect to hate in the social realm of gaming. Otherwise, these award-worthy paths will be futile.

Is it fair to say that Fall Guys is a cross-play social Battle Royale game, too? Our friends from all of the other platforms are linking up to have that slime-filled experience in the game; thus, to beg to differ – it’s certainly cooking up to be a good time with all of the involved platforms. The title has been on and off with players for quite a period of time, but it seems that it’s making a comeback with its epic free-to-play launch.

With that being said, we are having some linking issues with our digital pals. In other words, cross-play folks are having trouble connecting with their fellow platform friends in the real world. Fall Guys is continuously evolving with its free-to-play plan, meaning that a whole variety of players will race toward the freebie without question.