Fall Guys Season 7 | Release Date, Battle Pass, and More

After a disappointing March with no news of the Fall Guys update, a new shining light has been spotted! That’s right, Fall Guys Season 7 has been announced, and boy is it a major change. This newest season comes with a whole new can of paint. Season 7 of Fall Guys is actually called Fall Guys Free For All Season 1! This newest update comes with a whole bunch of extra content and features. Let’s run through what we know!

Everything We Know About Fall Guys Season 7

Fall Guys Season 7 Free For All Season 1

Season 7 of Fall Guys is coming with a new title and price tag. Fall Guys Free For All is the 1st season of the free-to-play Fall Guys format. That’s right, the beans are coming to Switch, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store for free, though the Steam version will no longer be available. If you want to know more about the newest season of Fall Guys, read on!

Release Date

Fall Guys Free For All Release Date

Currently, the public release date of the free-to-play Fall Guys season will be on June 21st. Players who want to get extra rewards can go to this link to pre-register to the campaign. They’ll have to do that before June 20th to get the additional rewards that Fall Guys is offering.

As of the writing of this article, the only unlocked reward is the Keen Bean nameplate. However, as more rewards are unlocked, players will get access to currency, costumes, and even the Muscleman Emote.

Battle Pass

Free For All Battle Pass

The Fall Guys Free for All Battle Pass is called the Season Pass. Because it’s based on the Legacy Pack, the Season Pass includes some new and old goods for returning players.

Free For All has a free progression system, but the Season Pass offers more rewards for your dollar.

Because the game wasn’t free before, some players might be wondering if they’ll get compensated. Well, worry not! Players who purchased the game beforehand will gain access to the Season Pass for free, so you’re getting treated! If that wasn’t good enough, you’ll also get a few additional costumes for free. Finally, you’ll get the Free Falling plate. So, if you’ve never launched Fall Guys before, make sure to do so before June 21st! They need to track your character before the game goes free to play if you want the free goodies.

Unlike many games’ Season Passes, this paid program will allow you to unlock the next season’s pass once you reach level 100! A great reward for leveling up your character and continuing to play as your bean.

We do not currently know if old purchasers will be getting all Season Passes from here on.

Currency Changes

For old players, there will be a massive currency change!

  • Kudos are the new free currency, and can never be purchased.
  • Crowns will no longer be a currency. They are just for prestige! You’ll get 2000 Kudos per crown you currently have.
  • Show-Bucks are the new Premium in-game currency. From what we know, these must be purchased with real money.


Fall Guys Season 7 Free For All Season 1 Theme

The current theme of Free For All is simple; the game is expanding quite a bit and getting cross-play from PC to consoles! There is no unifying theme, like there was for previous seasons of the game. Because they want to add new content, it’ll just be chaos for now.


This trailer does not show much that we haven’t already talked about. However, there are a few major points that the trailer discusses that does not fit cleanly into any of the above categories. We’ll go over some of them!

  • New Levels! Rather than just making the game free, the team is making sure there’s even more Fall Guys chaos to enjoy. This includes an absolute pile of brand-new levels to enjoy. And don’t worry, they don’t seem to be removing any levels that we didn’t love! There is a lot more, so if you didn’t like how repetitive the game was before, this might be a good time to look back at it.
  • New Cosmetics! Obviously, with the new content, there’ll be new cosmetics to farm. While none of the old costumes are leaving, new outfits and doodads will be added to the free progression store and the Season Pass.