Fall Guys Team Rounds | What Are They?

When you’re playing a round of Fall Guys, you might notice the game change from a Free For All round to a Team Round. This flipping of the script is going to cut the contestants in half, then make them team up to complete a challenge that will eliminate half of the group. It’s up to you to work with your teammates and secure victory, otherwise, you might have to start again. But, what exactly are Team Rounds in Fall Guys, and what sort of objectives can you expect? Read on to find out.

What Are Team Rounds in Fall Guys?

What Are Team Rounds in Fall Guys?

Team Rounds in Fall Guys are special modes that pit players into opposing teams. When one begins, you’ll be teamed up with half the contestants and given a shared objective. The losers will be eliminated, and the winners can move on.

All Team Rounds in Fall Guys

There are a total of 11 Team Rounds in Fall Guys. Some of them are two teams, while others use four teams. Here’s a look at each type of mode and the objectives you can expect to face:

Egg Scramble/Egg Seige

Both of these Team Rounds have the same goal. Grab the eggs around the map, and put them into your nest to score points. Whoever has the most, wins! However, things may become difficult, like the environment, and other players can knock the eggs out of your hands, allowing others to take it for themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for golden eggs, as they’re worth five points, rather than one.

Hoopsie Daisy

This mode puts you on a team with other players, your goal being to jump through the most hoops, and have the highest score at the end of the round. Hoops will disappear once you jump through them, so be sure to outwit and out-maneuver your opponents to score as many hoops as possible. Keep your eyes out for the golden hoop, as much like Egg Scramble, the gold objective is worth five points.

Pegwin Pursuit

This round puts you in chase of a small toy penguin, the rules are simple: The team that holds the pegwin the longest wins. However, you’ll have to hold off other players if you expect to hang onto the artificial avian for long.


This is a form of “infection” mode from other games. One player will become Jinxed, and their goal is to tag, and Jinx the entire opposing team first. You’ll need fast footwork, and some timing if you want to outrun, or catch, the opposing team.

Team Tail Tag

This round puts teams against one another. Some players will be wearing Tails, and they need to keep them as long as possible until the timer runs out. The team that has the least amount of Tails when the buzzer ends, loses!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

This round puts two teams on an obstacle course, the goal being to push their ball to the finish line first. While making it through the obstacle course is a breeze, once the final stretch is reached, all players will be let loose, and able to hold the opponent’s ball back as they let their own reach the finish.


This round has players split into an arena, where they must keep as many balls in their corner before time runs out. However, the environment, and other players, can whisk the ball away losing time, and precious points. Whoever has the least amount of balls at the end of the timer, is eliminated.

Fall Ball

Fall Ball is a mega-sized version of soccer (although there are two balls on the field). Players will have to score into the enemy goal to win points. Although, some strange objects will appear instead of normal balls, like an American Football, or a Banana. If you’re lucky, a Golden Egg will appear, which is worth five points instead of one.


Basketfall takes basketball to the extreme, with larger balls, and a low gravity zone over a spinning hoop. Players will have to score points by dunking the ball through the hoop in the low gravity zone. However, players can grab you to prevent you from moving, forcing you to drop the ball.

Power Trip

Power trip puts players in a Splatoon-type game mode. The goal is to pick up the battery in the map, and make your way around the arena. Holding the battery changes the color of the tiles on the floor to your team’s color. whoever has the most colored tiles on the floor wins!

Snowy Scrap

The final team round puts players in a snowy environment, with one goal. Roll your snowball around the area, and make it as large as possible. However, the closer your team is to 100% the harder it is to push the snowball. Other players can also sabotage the ball, and the environment can knock it around the arena at high speeds.

These are all the Team rounds you can encounter in the new version of Fall Guys. Remember, team modes are more fun when you’re paired with your friends, or if you have a party set up in the game!