Fallout 3 Companions | Which is Best?

The long-awaited post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3 was finally released in October of 2008. It managed to capture the distinct Fallout charm in a modernized, 3D open world RPG. Coming off the heels of lackluster series entry Brotherhood of Steel, this was the true sequel to Fallout 2 fans had waited almost exactly a decade for. And, much like in previous games, there were many options for Companions along the way. Because each one is unique and useful in their own way, it can be hard to decide which is the best Companion. We can help you with that. In this guide, we will only be covering the permanent companions, as there are many temporary ones that come and go throughout.

All Fallout 3 Companions

Fallout 3 Companions
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  • Butch DeLoria – You first meet Butch as a child in the vault. He’s a bully, and frankly doesn’t give a good first impression. He begs you to save his mom from Radroaches during the chaos in Vault 101. If you do so, he is forever grateful. After finishing the Trouble on the Homefront quest, he can be hired in Rivet City, but you must have neutral karma.
  • Dogmeat – An essential part of the Fallout series, the third installment allows Dogmeat to once again be a companion. You can find him in the Scrapyard early on in the game. He can be recruited no matter your karma level.
  • Charon – A ghoul bouncer in the Ninth Circle, his contract can be bought out for a large sum of caps, or by agreeing to kill another NPC. Once you have his contract, he can be a companion, and he does not have karma requirements upon hire. However, he will turn on you if you steal in Underworld or kill an NPC that has good karma.
  • Clover – A slave girl in Euolgy’s Pad at Paradise Falls. She requires evil karma, and you must “purchase” her from her current slaver.
  • Fawkes – A surprisingly intelligent and gentle Super Mutant found in Vault 87 during the Finding the Garden of Eden main quest. Your character must have good Karma to recruit him as a companion.
  • Jericho – A retired Raider living in Megaton, the game’s first major city you come across. He can be hired for 1,000 caps as long as you have evil karma.
  • Sergeant RL-3 – A Mister Gutsy model combat robot. You can purchase them from Tinker Joe for 1,000 caps as long as you have neutral karma.
  • Star Paladin Cross – A Brotherhood of Steel soldier. You can recruit her as long as you have good karma and you did not insult her or her father.

Which is the Best Companion?

The choice for best companion in Fallout 3 is ultimately between Dogmeat and Fawkes. They both have high HP, but each one has their own advantage to bring to the journey. If you’re focusing on hidden items and sneaking, Dogmeat is your companion of choice. He will bark and growl when enemies are near, and will fetch you hidden weapons and items. However, he has one major drawback: He cannot hold any equipment.

Fawkes is the best companion in Fallout 3. On top of being quite the bullet sponge, he can deal solid damage on his own, as well as carry 229 Inventory Weight. This makes him a high HP, high-damage pack mule for all those loot-heavy deep dives into Vaults and Raider Camps. With him as your companion, you can get rich quickly with all the extra loot you can sell off on each trip to town.

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