Fan-Made Elden Ring GeoGuessr Includes Over 8000 Locations

The bigger a game is, the higher the chance players are going to try make their own thing from it. One such player has taken it upon themselves to create a version of the popular web game GeoGuessr set in the Elden Ring universe. Of all of From Software’s titles, their most recent release has arguably the largest map. While it’s not possible for players to explore every inch of it, it is possible to see almost every single sight. As such, this creates a challenging basis for GeoGuessr that only Elden Ring experts have a chance of dominating.

Elden Ring in GeoGuessr

I made an Elden Ring geoguessr with over 8000 locations! from Eldenring

GeoGuessr is coming up on its 10-year anniversary, having been released online in May of 2013. Since then, it has become popular among casual and competitive players, and now there’s an Elden Ring version of it. It was created by a fan and reddit user going by the username TheEdenChild. Upon startup, players will drop into a map of The Lands Between. When discussing their creation, the user described that they had managed to capture over 8000 locations. What adds more to the challenge is that many areas in Elden Ring share a lot of visual similarities.

Maps have been a big part of online services since the early days of the internet. Naturally, GeoGuessr turns maps into guessing games. The goal is to try and determine the location where the game shows the player. This can be a zoomed-out map with a highlighted area or a street view in the middle of a random geographic location. The Elden Ring GeoGuessr goes for the latter setup by dropping the player into a random location in The Lands Between. The player then guesses their location by placing a pin on a large overworld map.

Sometimes the most entertaining games are those that test trivia and real-world knowledge which is exactly what GeoGuessr does. TheEdenChild has combined reality with fiction by making a GeoGuessr game using the world of Elden Ring, which is available for players to try out now.