Fanatical Killer Bundle Offers 25 Games for 25 Dollars

With all the different gaming platforms around, deals are popping up on a near-daily basis. The frontrunner for recent deals is the website Fanatical, which has a killer bundle in more ways than one. The aptly named Killer Bundle 25 contains 25 different titles that can be redeemed on Steam for the low price of 25 dollars. While it’s normal to be skeptical over the quality and size of the games within, this bundle covers everything from RPG classics to more recent survival-craft titles. It’s a tempting offer that will likely extend the backlogs of countless game libraries. Here’s a look inside.

The Fanatical Killer 25 Bundle

There are multiple choices for game streaming and purchasing, but sites like Fanatical specialize in locating deals across range. Their current promotion called Bundlefest includes a number of bundles, including the impressive and generous Killer Bundle 25. For $25, you can pick up 25 games from a variety of genres all across recent years. While this is certainly one of the most appealing offers, it’s not the only one on their page. Other bundles include Play On The Go (8 for $10), Bethesda Favorites (5 for $17), and Build Your Own Bento (10 for $15) among others. Of course, if none of these tickle your fancy, there’s a new batch of bundles every 24 hours during the promotional period.

Shining the spotlight back onto the Killer Bundle reveals some very popular titles within. One of them is Breathedge, an open-world survival game about an astronaut and a chicken looking for a princess. You’ve also got River City Girls, a retro-style 2D pixel art beat ’em up made to be played with a buddy. There are also classics like the founder of FPS Doom and the inspiration for many fantasy RPGs Baldur’s Gate. Though it’s not just AAA games, since indie hits like From Space, I Am Fish, and Arise are in there, too.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, so it makes sense to keep an eye out for discounts wherever you can. Thanks to sites like Fanatical hosting Bundlefest with the Killer Bundle, the task is much easier. Their bundles are also a great way to check out our favorite indie games without spending a fortune.