Far Cry 6 1911 Location | Where to Find

The 1911 “Blood Drunk” pistol in Far Cry 6 is a worthy weapon that Dani Rojas can use in her quest to liberate Yara. Like many unique weapons in the game, obtaining the pistol requires a feat of courageous action that includes taking down Antón Castillo’s forces. Thankfully, you can find the pistol during one of the missions that involve Espada. To see how you can find the 1911 pistol, use the notes below to see how you can get your hands on one.

Where to Find the 1911 in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 1911 Location - How to Find Blood Drunk Pistol

You can find the 1911 pistol in Far Cry 6 by entering José Castillo’s villa during the “Napoleon El Pequeño” mission. At one point, Clara will hack into a computer that will trigger the next chain of events in the mission. Once she does, you’ll find a chest right beside her containing 1911.

To start the operation “Napoleon El Pequeño,” head to the island south of Serpentino Park within the region of Madrugada. This island will contain José Castillo’s villa, the location of the 1911 “Blood Drunk” pistol. Dani and Espada must storm the villa in order to track down a lieutenant. This will involve some guard killing duty until you eventually enter the villa.

You’ll need to hack into José Castillo’s computer with Espada, which will be easy since he hasn’t bothered to set one up. The computer files reveal more essential information about the mission, but what we’re after here is the 1911. To the left of Espada while she’s looking through the computer will be a chest underneath a portrait. Open that and the 1911 Blood Drunk pistol will be in your possession. You can then equip it to finish off the patrolling enemies outside the villa to get things cooking.

The mission will then require you to save prisoners who are trapped inside a bunker beneath a lighthouse. Completing this objective will bring the mission to a close, along with the newly-acquired pistol in your hands.

We definitely recommend collecting the 1911 pistol for one good reason: one mod enables the ability to potentially gain health from dealing damage to your opponents. It may not be the most explosive weapon around, but it can certainly be helpful in dreadful situations where your health is getting low.