Far Cry 6 Animal Companions | How to Recruit

You’ve got to use all of the tools at your disposal to take down Castillo in Far Cry 6. Camps are big, and distractions are necessary for quick and safe clears. Thankfully, the main campaign offers you quite the tool for the job: animal companions. These Amigos are all critical to maximize your efficiency in any combat encounter. But, how do you unlock all of these awesome companions? We’ll teach you so you can be just as awesome as they are.

How to Recruit All Animal Companions in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 animal companions

There are seven animal companions in Far Cry 6, and each one is recruited differently:

  • Guapo: Guapo is a tank who will lock down and death-roll opponents. Complete the mission “Juan of a Kind” in the main campaign, and Guapo will be your new Amigo.
  • Chorizo: This handsome fella is a distraction dog who helps improve your stealth capabilities. To get him, get through the Monteros campaign arc. After the first mission, Chorizo himself will have the quest “Who’s a Good Boy” as well as the “Fetch Quest.” Complete the second one, and you’ll have your own cute little puppy in a wheelchair.
  • Chicharrón: An aggressive assassin who sows chaos on the battlefield. You’ll have to crash through the storyline until you get the “Man’s Best Enemy” quest in the Sierra Perdida region of El Este. This Amigo has a whole questline around him! You’ll have to complete them all for the unlock.
  • Boom Boom (Boomer): This guy is a loot god, and will find you all sorts of rewards. Check your journal for “Boom or Bust” to search a number of crates for the doggo.
  • Oluso: This panther is a silent assassin; perfect for point-and-kill missions. To get him, you must complete the “Traida Blessings” sidequest, on Isla Santuario. You must defeat the panther, and his ghostly allies, in combat for the unlock.
  • K-9000: A robotic dog, a perfect tank for use in combat. You must have the Blood Dragon Pack for Far Cry 6 to get him, so this is a DLC exclusive.
  • Champagne: A lovely cat with the incredible ability to make you so, so rich. You must have the VICE Pack DLC for Far Cry 6, available in the Ultimate Edition, to get her.

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