Far Cry 6 Bullseye Bow Location | Where to Find

Far Cry 6 gives the player the option to engage enemies in either a stealthy or chaotic fashion. Obviously, the rocket launchers can cause massive damage while also alerting nearby forces to storm in and attack; and suppressed pistols require close-quarter precision if the job is to be done correctly. That’s why it’s important to have at least one bow in your inventory, and the Bullseye Bow is one to absolutely obtain. If you’re looking to add this weapon to your arsenal, we have all the notes you need in order to find it.

Where to Find the Bullseye Bow in Far Cry 6

Where to Find the Bullseye Bow in Far Cry 6

The Bullseye Bow is located inside a cage within the Sierra Perdida woods, but there will be enemies and wild animals about. Be sure to have a trustworthy weapon at the ready if you’re ready to infiltrate the area. It’s possible you’ll get gunned down before you reach the bow.

Our search begins by navigating to the land of El Este. The Bullseye Bow can be found within the wilderness of Sierra Perdida, just to the left of the Verde River. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that it is also south of the Todos Santos Cemetary. You’ll be looking for several cages sitting inside the woods. Among these cages will be a regular gray one with an orange lining, which will house the chest containing the bow. Simply melee the front of the cage to gain access and open the chest. Once that’s all said and scavenged, the Rank 2 Bullseye Bow will be in your hands.

The Bullseye Bow is a unique weapon that specializes in nearly all of its statistical weapons. It’s also very silent, which can be helpful if you’re sneaking around enemy outposts. It comes with two primary attachment mods (Precision Arrows and Crosshair Sight) and two secondary mods (High Ground and Headshot Supremo). Unfortunately, it is a unique weapon, so no further improvements can be made to it.

This bow can be seen as the Compound Bow’s bigger brother; something more cool and powerful in nature and name. Landing a clean shot with the Bullseye Bow can be greatly satisfying, and you don’t need to complete a mission to unlock it. If you’re ever in the Sierra Perdida wilderness, make sure you keep an eye out for some cages.