Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo Motorcycle | How to Get

So, there was a fairly recent bug in Far Cry 6. It seems like someone slipped up and accidentally released the Dani & Danny vs. Everybody mission pack, which gave players Danny’s motorcycle. This quest seems great, but then the bug got fixed. But, it should get a proper release eventually and there’s no reason not to prepare for the future! Would you like to know where the Danny Trejo Motorcycle is located? Because we know, and hopefully everything will play out just right.

How to Get Danny Trejo Motorcycle in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo Motorcycle

In order to get Danny Trejo’s motorcycle during the Danny & Dani vs. Everybody crossover mission, you’ll need to defend Trejo during a firefight at his villa. Once you’ve successfully done that, you’ll be invited to go to his garage. In his garage is a bike, which you may use to deliver the tacos quickly and effectively. Once the mission is complete, you should be able to save Trejo’s bike to your personal garage.

During the time of the bug, it was not possible to save Danny Trejo’s motorcycle. You just couldn’t do it; it was a mission-only asset. As a result, there will be a chance that Trejo’s bike may not be a vehicle that the player has access to. More than likely, the mission just wasn’t completed yet, and Trejo’s bike needed a bit of tweaking to be added to your inventory. We’ll have to see when the DLC officially releases.

This bike is absurd. It’s a passenger motorcycle with flame decals and a minigun! It would be fun to drive around Yara with this thing! We hope that Ubisoft plans on letting players ride around in this, and it should be as easy as completing the mission to get the unlock. If the past is of any use to us, this bike will certainly be unlockable for everyone.

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