Far Cry 6 Fishing | How to Catch

Far Cry 6 brings along a lot of activities to engage with as you ignite a revolution against a supreme dictatorship. To take a breather from all of the fightings, one might find comfort in the leisure experience that is fishing. And thankfully, the game provides windows of free time for players to further explore the land without shooting a single bullet. Here’s all you need about how to catch a fish in Far Cry 6.

How to Go Fishing in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 How to go Fishing

To start fishing in Far Cry 6, you’ll first need to retrieve the fishing rod from Benito Menguez. He’ll task you with the operation “Fuel The Revolution” which will reward you with the fishing rod. The mission is part of the main quest, so the fishing rod will come naturally to you. It will then be accessible through your weapon wheel for your leisure.

When you’re ready to fish, head toward your nearest fishing spot to start catching some worthwhile sea grub. Each fishing spot will contain a Tackle Box that’ll allow you to outfit the fishing rod. It will provide you with the right equipment you’ll need to begin the activity, with selective bait to choose from. There are different fish to catch that will require different sets of lures and bait, so it’s best to experiment with the equipment to see what you need.

Once you’re set, cast your line out into the water. The longer you hold the cast throw, the further it will fly and drop. Start to reel the bait in slowly to attract the fish once you get a hook from one of the sea critters. You’ll notice it when the game prompts you to fight the fish.

With almost any fishing mechanic in video games, the fish will start to struggle against your grip. At this point, you must move in the opposite direction of the hold that the fish is going so you can tire out its strength and momentum. Continue to reel in the fish until you eventually catch it.

The best way to ensure the capture is to simply study the fish’s movement and act on its opposite instincts. It’s almost like a conscious decision to work on the opposite side of the opponent; in this case, being the fish’s movement that you must counterattack with oppositional hurdles.

Of course, you can always fish at any available spot that has open water, but it’s best to rely on the fishing spots for the best catches. They’re more inclined to give the player what they need as opposed to ordinary fish that you find just down the street.

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