Far Cry 6 Flying Car | How to Get Angelito FW Turbo

The Flying Car… What an enchanting vehicle name for Far Cry 6! The unassuming little jalopy is extraordinarily useful at every single point of Far Cry 6. The Angelito FW Turbo can be found relatively early on, flies low to the ground, and can drive past anti-air guns. That makes it the perfect solution to the game’s mobility restriction tactics. If you want to dodge anti-air guns while still being able to fly, you’ll need this car. Thankfully, we know the two places where you should look for it!

How to Get the Flying Car in Far Cry 6

How to Get the Flying Car in Far Cry 6

There are two paths that you can use to collect the Angelito FW Turbo, also known as the Flying Car in Far Cry 6. You can get the base-building center at Montero Farm and build the Enhanced Hidden Network, then head Southwest of the Palma Forest to find Hideout Charanga. Alternatively, you can head to the Revmira Supply Dock by clearing the Cortina Weather Station in Southern Costa del Mar and taking out the nearby anti-air gun. Fly over to the supply dock and there’s a tiny chance that you’ll find the old-looking cart near a pile of wood.

The first path is the most consistent, though it’ll be a while before you can get it. The Montero Farm is post “Meet the Monteros”, so you’ll need to play through that operation. That’s fairly late-game, and you’ve probably already gotten a few decent fast-travel points by then. That being said, the Flying Car will make travel significantly easier, just because it is so damn versatile. In a game where anti-aircraft guns are standard, this flight is very, very good!

The other option is super random. You’ll want the Cortina Weather station mostly just to be able to try over and over again. There’s a puny chance to get the car! The previous method is guaranteed, and is probably the best option for your sanity. But, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, the second option is perfect for people who like flying a helicopter back and forth.

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