Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key | Where to Find

Far Cry 6 is full of lootables, unlockables, and forts to conquer. You’re going to need all of your wits, and resources, if you want to take down Castillo! Thankfully, these camps are very useful for gearing up, and can get you everything you need at a moment’s notice! And as the first quest, the Fort Quito is a great place to learn about how the game hides a key from you! The Fort Quito key is required if you want to get into the store room to find the depleted uranium. And we’ll tell you where it is!

Where to Find the Fort Quito Key in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key

The Fort Quito key is found on a guard, who is marked with a yellow sign that tells you he’s the captain. This key is all you need to get the uranium. But, this key won’t get you into the locked area underneath the fort. However, if you find the wooden paneling on the side of the cage, you can just slash through to get that sweet loot.

The Fort Quito key is required for your quest, but it’s just a looted option from a guard. Simply take him down and you’ll have your quest option. Because the captain glows yellow, it shouldn’t be too hard to notice them. Head to the lookout point and you should see it quite easily!

However, the Fort Quito key doesn’t work on the locked room below the fort. You’re going to need something else for that. Head past the green panels in order to find some wooden planks. Those planks are not solid; you can smash them with your machete. This is a pretty great idea… Because, you’ll get the Autocrat pistol, which is a solid sidearm for the early game. You’ll also get a few other items, though the pistol is the important bit here!

Far Cry 6 seems like a solid addition to the franchise’s long catalog. From the early game onwards, you have a ton of stuff to do, and a ton of weapons to do it with. If you want some more hints, we’ve got them for you!