Far Cry 6 | How to Feed Pelicans

The land of Yara is home to many spectacular animals in Far Cry 6, and the pelican is definitely one of them. Dani can actually feed them if they can find them along the coasts, but they’re not everywhere. If you are to looking to do some bird watching and feeding, we’ve curated a few locations for you where you can find these pelicans.

How to Feed Pelicans in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 How to Feed Pelicans Location

You can feed pelicans by simply interacting with them as you slowly approach them. Like many animals in the game, you can try and pet them with peaceful intention. For pelicans, you can’t necessarily pet them, but rather toss a couple of fish to them. The bird will then go on with their business, as long as there is no disturbance to make them flee away.

To find the pelicans is another story, however. They can’t be found on just any coast in Yara; there are a few specific spots, however. One promising area to go to is the coast of Dorada Cove in La Joya. Technically, it’ll be a hunting spot, but we’re assuming you’re not killing pelicans for sport.

Another popular pelican location is the coast of Cape Santa María in Cruz Del Salvador. You can hang out by the Burros Bay to wait for one of them to land nearby. Additionally, the Yaran story mission in Cape Santa María “Shock Therapy” will instruct Dani to feed three of the birds as part of their act of chakra rebalancing.

If you want to really hang out with a pelican, one mission will see Dani flying with one. In the treasure hunt mission “A Little Birdie Told Me” near Mt. Guami’ on Promise Peaks in Sierra Perdida, the pelican will lead you to a stash after feeding him some fish.

He also goes by Danilo, a pet from a Yaran named Yadira. You’ll need your wingsuit for this mission if you are to fly and follow the bird. But Danilo will also bring you through different terrains and water in a triathlon that involves an ATV and a jet ski. You’ll eventually end up at one of the tiny Lágrimas Islands in southern Sierra Perdida, with a chest containing the Rank 2 AR-C rifle. The treasure hunt will then conclude.

Be sure to not scare the pelicans away. These harmless creatures will fly away from any intense sound within their range, like vehicles or gunfire. Just walk up to them and feed them some fish as a substitute for petting them. Just remember to have some sea grub in your inventory so that you can properly hang out with them.