Far Cry 6 La Varita Location | Where to Find

One of the absolute best weapons in Far Cry 6 has to be the La Varita rifle. It is superb in its perfect damage execution and four additional mods to spice up the action. However, acquiring this Rank 4 rifle requires more than just a single mission of gameplay. You actually need to do a lot more if you are to get yourself the La Varita. Luckily, we have all the essential notes for you below, including which treasure hunts to complete and where to find them.

Far Cry 6 La Varita Location | How to Unlock

Far Cry 6 La Varita Location - How to unlock

You can find the La Varita rifle during the finale of the “Triada Blessings” mission. This mission sees Dani collecting three ancient relics that must be returned to Oluwa Cave. Once all three relics are returned, the La Varita will be unlocked.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. First you’ll have to find all three relics, Then, only after you set the relics into the Oluwa Cave, you’ll be able to open the nearby chest. Inside you’ll find not only the La Varita, but also the Triador Stealth Supremo. However, once you collect these rewards, Oluso the Guardian will arise to challenge you. Coincidentally, you’ll need both of these new items in your fight against Oluso.

To start the multi-step quest, you must first enter the Oluwa Cave that can be found in the Ventura Summit of Quito. Traverse the cave until you come across strange markings on the ground. These markings indicate a ritual, but there will be a note right next to them. It basically reads that the Triada consists of the three Oluwa Sentinels: Ída, Okú, and Mimo Abosi. Each has a relic that has been spread across Yara, and whoever returns the relics shall be tested by Oluso the Guardian. The note doesn’t provide any clues on where these relics are, but that’s where we come in.

Ída Relic Location

Far Cry 6 Ida Relic Location

When you collect the note from the cave, three new treasure hunts will be added to your mission log. The first hunt will begin in Lozanía within the Monjas Valley. Collect the note near a cliff that features the same ancient marking from the cave. Grapple upwards and then continue to climb the vines you’ll see before you. Proceed until you find an entrance to the Lunático Caves that allow you to grapple downward.

Next, use the ziplines to get across the ground that will require some platforming. Pay attention to any grapple indication markers and arrows: they’ll essentially guide you through the cave. Keep going and you will eventually notice purple lighting along your path. Follow these purple hues, for they act as green lights to tell you that you’re heading the right way. They will lead to the final purple area containing Ída’s relic sitting in a Triada triangle marking. The treasure hunt will conclude, thus leading us to move on to the next relic.

Keep in mind that each relic location will contain a chest or two near its sitting. Be sure to keep an eye out for these when you’re treasure hunting to eventually claim La Varita for yourself.

Okú Relic Location

Far Cry 6 Oku Relic Location

The next relic is located at Fort Oro in Cruz Del Salvador. You can find the treasure hunt note right at the front entrance of the fort. Soldiers are investigating strange incidents at night in regards to the relic, so you must be in the area when nighttime comes around. Instead of encountering soldiers at the fort, you will be in the presence of paranormal activity.

As soon as you enter Fort Oro, head right to a room filled with mirrors. All will shatter except for one that will contain a button once you break the last mirror on your own. Across the hall, a secret passageway will open for you to investigate. Inside the room, you will see three buttons on top of an impromptu table in front of white TV screens. Instinctively, our attention is toward the buttons, which you must press in this specific order: Middle, Left, Right. Once you do this, head back into the hallway and start heading up the stairway.

At the end of the stairway, you’ll enter a new room with a piano in the middle. A note will be sitting on the piano for you to read. After you’ve read it, the piano will begin to play on its own. Wait for the music to cease and a secret room will open behind the piano. Enter the room to pick up the key with the purple lanyard. Use this key to open the locked main hallway door back downstairs. Unlock the door, then enter.

Far Cry 6 Oku Shrine for search of La Varita rifle

What you’ll now come across is the dungeon of the fort. Find and open the metal door that will lead to outside. Then, look to your right to find a boarded-up doorway. Shoot this down and go through the doorway to find yourself surrounded by wooden soldiers. They will move, but they won’t shoot you. Simply go past all of them to find another button to press. This will trigger an explosion to go off nearby. Your next step is to go through the other metal door behind you to find an opening to the fort’s top. Locate the zipline to descend toward the sight of the explosion. This will lead you into a stone hatch.

To descend the hatch, use your grapple to lower yourself down. You will enter a slightly flooded cave that will hold Okú’s Relic on a shrine. You can swing yourself over to the landing with the shrine to collect the relic, thus completing the treasure hunt.

Mimo Abosi Relic Location

Far Cry 6 Mimo Abosi Relic Location

The third and final relic can be found at the Catalina Ridge drilling site in La Joya. To commence this treasure hunt, read the note on the gate that leads into the mine. The site has been condemned after declaring that a rescue team has been lost in the mine. Deep within the mine will be the relic, but we need to do a few steps first.

After you’ve read the note, locate the orange generator with a yellow power line behind you. The line will lead into the mine, but you need to take down the pallet that’s covering the outlet to the connected line. Pull out the power line from the outlet, then start making your way to the mine. Once you’re inside, follow the yellow line. It’ll start to curve right, but look right to find a corpse with a key. Pick up this key to continue your quest along the yellow line. It’ll end once you’ve reached some water, so you’ll need to do some swimming here. You’ll eventually ascend to the actual drill site.

At the site, Dani will complain about a putrid poison filling the air. To get rid of the poison, use your key on the door to your left to enter. Press the button on the orange box to activate the ventilation system. Once you do that, approach the drill site to start grappling down. Reach the bottom to enter an ominous area with a single tree. Under the tree will be our third relic engulfed in purple. Collect it, then exit the strange cave.

Return to Oluwa Cave for La Varita

Far Cry 6 - How to unlock La Varita rifle

With all three relics in your possession, it’s time to go back to the original site at Oluwa Cave. Whenever you approach the relic site, interact with it to place the three idol relics down onto the Triada marking. The cave will start to shake, only to blow open a passageway for you to go through. Before you will be trees with a stream of purple smoke encircling them. In the middle of these trees will be the chest containing the La Varita rifle and the Triador supremo.

But before you think you’re done, you’re wrong. Remember the first note that spoke about Oluso the Guardian? Well, it’s time to face her. Technically, multiple forms of her. A pack of ghost black panthers will start charging at you. Use your best weapons and gear to take them down, one by one; or, you can use your newly-acquired La Varita to survive the attack. Oluso will be among them, so make sure you’re firing at her as well. Once the fighting stops, revive Oluso to add him as a new Amigo. The ghost-cat will now follow your lead from here on out.

And there you have it. We know it’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s all you need to know in order to obtain the La Varita rifle. The weapon is one of the most powerful in the game due to its ability to shoot enemies through walls and objects – as long as it’s coupled with the Triador supremo. It might take you a while to track this rifle down since the relics are spread across Yara, but hopefully, these notes will help you in your quest. Plus, you also get a new Amigo to use on the field once you complete the ultimate hunt. Three for the price of one extensive mission.

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