Far Cry 6 Max Rank | What’s The Highest Level?

Igniting the revolution in Far Cry 6 can be some serious business. For guerilla Dani Rojas, they must continue to evolve if they are to bring down the immoral Antón Castillo. And in our video game world, our heroes evolve through story and leveling up. However, in Dani’s case, they can only level up so to a small certain number. If you’re wondering what the max rank is for Far Cry 6, be sure to read on for all you need to know.

What Is the Max Rank in Far Cry 6?

What Is the Max Rank in Far Cry 6?

The max rank in Far Cry 6 is Level 14 – Comandante. You can keep advancing after you’ve reached this rank, but this is the highest rank Dani can achieve, at least for now. There are some DLC plans in place that could potentially increase the max rank in the future. The DLC roadmap includes new special operations, villain episodes, and crossover missions. With the waves of free content and post-launch DLC to release within the next year or so, Dani’s journey won’t come to an end.

The complete rank tree for Dani is as follows:

  1. Machetero
  2. Guerillero
  3. Explorador
  4. Espia
  5. Cabo
  6. Sargento
  7. Teniente
  8. Capitan
  9. Mayor
  10. Coronel
  11. Mando de Columna
  12. General
  13. Subcomandante
  14. Comandante

Far Cry 6 Roadmap

For the game’s roadmap, the special operations will encourage timing and precision as you work your way through Castillo’s forces. Chemical weapons will be in play, so plan your extractions carefully before the timer runs out. The villain episodes will explore classic Far Cry villain backstories that include Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed. And the crossover missions will act as additional story arcs that feature Danny Trejo, a Rambo fanatic, and a visit from Stranger Things.

As with any big DLC roadmaps, there are upgrades and advancements that essentially improve upon the base game. For Far Cry 6‘s case, there will be weekly insurgencies and new gear for players to explore. It’s only right to assume that players will receive new options for their outfits and weapon skins.

Far Cry 6 DLC Roadmap

If you need to quickly rank up, playing through the story will give you the best natural progress. Don’t expect to hunt down any big side activities; Far Cry 6 is more of a straight shooter rather than an FPS with RPG elements. Of course, taking down heavier foes will give you more XP the higher you rank up in difficulty. But it all boils down to completing any available missions while also taking out the big guys.

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